‘FJB” & ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Now a Stylish Phenomenon For Holidays

A New Christmas Cheer!

In the Las Vegas McCarran Airport last week the public intercom kept calling “Would passenger Lesco Brandon, please return to gate six, please.”

Visitors, shop employees and terminal workers burst out laughing after each announcement.

The “Let’s go Brandon” phrase originated Oct. 2 during an interview between an NBC News sports reporter and Brandon Brown, a NASCAR driver. NASCAR fans behind the reporter chanted, “F*** Joe Biden,” but she said they were saying, “Let’s go, Brandon.”

College football stadiums across America were full of crowds yelling the “FJB” chant ritual for a few weeks prior to the “Brandon” mishap. Soon, other sports events chimed in, making the phrases the two most popular in 2020.

Mainstream media, as usual, downplays the phenomenon, but it continues to grow around the globe, revealing what most people think about the current White House Resident and socialism.

There have been at least six “Let’s Go Brandon” songs trending at the top of the several major music charts.

The chant has become trendy and fashionable at various events, including sports games, public events, shopping malls and rallies.

During our recent roadtrip from Texas to Nevada and back, we observed both phrases:

🔹tee-shirts at a John Fogerty concert in Scottsdale, Arizona.

🔹on car, truck, and RV windshields along IH-10 in West Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and the Vegas Strip.

🔹on shirts and masks at the Southwest Sonaran Desert Museum near Tucson.

🔹on a huge banner, behind a plane over Phoenix.

🔹numerous banners and signs in cities and towns such as Van Horn (Texas), Kingman (Arizona) and Laughlin (Nevada).

🔹store front windows, signs and marquees in Fort Stockton (Texas), Deming (New Mexico), Needles (California) and Searchlight (Nevada).

🔹Las Vegas and Phoenix shops are selling “Brandon” and “FJB” clothing, masks, Christmas ornaments, Biden toilet paper and other paraphernalia in time for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas shopping.

Toys, games, trinkets and other gift ideas are spreading the sentiments of many Americans with the “Let’s Go Brandon” message.

Besides, music and fashion, the”FJB” fad continues strong in popular culture in 2021, 2022 and perhaps, beyond.


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