In Every Election, You Get What You Vote For

Truckers, Food Suppliers, and Retailers File Suit Against Biden Ploys of Destruction

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Of the legitimate votes Joe Biden received in the November 2020 presidential election, many ballots came from various union blocs.

Those voters now have election remorse and serious doubts about Biden and the Democratic Party. On Tuesday, a group of 10 unions along with a small business nonprofit filed a major lawsuit against Biden over his new vaccine-or-test mandate for companies with at least 100 employees.  

“The small business economy is fragile, and owners continue to manage several business challenges regarding staffing and supply chain disruptions,” the National Federation of Independent Business said in a released statement.

They just happen to be the largest small business associations in the United States. Their petition, filed with the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals demands the court pause the Occupational Safety and Health Administration rule.

Last week, the Biden administration faced another major setback when a federal appeals court in New Orleans temporarily halted the White House mandate, saying it posed “grave statutory and constitutional issues.”

If the Biden mandate survives the challenges, it goes into effect January 4, 2022. It will affect more than 80 million workers as America struggles with:

🔹a labor shortage.

🔹massive supply chain delays.

🔹a border and illegal immigrant disaster causing enormous disease, drugs, crime and human trafficking into the country.

🔹rising inflation and prices.

🔹a struggling economy.

Here are the TOP TEN MEMES of the week spotlighting the Biden disasters.


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  1. Just yesterday, I ate at a restaurant where 15% was added to the bill to help cover labor shortages/food shortages. Also, an increase of $2 at the pet place per dog haircut to help with business cost that has inflated during this so-called presidency.

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  2. Gas in Granbury is now $3.19 per gallon. Guess what, the Biden kids have to pay the same price that I do. Bet they didn’t see this one coming. I figured out a way to shape a head of Ice Berg Lettuce to look like a turkey, now if I can find the right seasonings.

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