Texas Most Wanted & 37 More Fugitive Gang Members Arrested

The Texas Office of the Attorney General announed an operation that resulted in the arrest of 38 fugitives wanted for gang-related offenses. 

In Bexar County (San Antonio), the Attorney General’s Austin Fugitive Apprehension Unit assisted the United States Marshals Lone Star Fugitive Task Force’s warrant initiative, named Operation Wash Out, from September 20-27. 

“These efforts focused on members of the most violent gangs in the greater San Antonio metropolitan area,” a release from AG Ken Paxton stated. “As a result of this warrant initiative, the following were arrested – including one of Texas’s Top 10 Most Wanted.”

Those arrested included:

  • Moses Calderon (Picture below, on right)- Parole Violation for Murder with a Deadly Weapon and Assault Bodily Injury. Member of Hermanos Pistoleros Gang. Texas Top 10 Most Wanted.  
  • Steven Acevedo – Assault Family Violence. Member of Tango Orejon Gang.  
  • Samantha Acosta –Possession of Controlled Substance.  
  • John Anthony Arroyo – Probation Violation for Smuggling Aliens and Stolen Vehicle.  
  • Ruben Benavides – Parole Violation for Aggravated Assault Against Public Servant and 2 counts of Assault Bodily Injury. Member of Klik Gang.  
  • Nicholas Blanco – Racketeering and Murder.  
  • Ricky Ohara Coleman – Parole Violation for Assault Bodily Injury Family Violence. Member of Wheatley Court Gang.  
  • Jonathan Duque – Assault Family Violence.  
  • Brenna Farley – 2 counts of Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon.  
  • Rogelio Gloria Flores – Probation Violation for Manufacturing/Delivery of Cocaine. Mexican Mafia Gang Member.  
  • Arturo Garza, Jr. – Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon. Member of Texas Mexican Mafia Gang.  
  • Ceasar Andrew Gomez – Probation Violation for Amphetamine Possession. Texas Syndicate Gang Member.  
  • Adrian Michael Gonzales – Assault Family Violence Strangulation. 
  • Monte Joseph Govan – Parole Violation for Aggravated Robbery, Unlawful Restraint and Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon. 
  • Lane Everett Grinage – Felon in Possession of Firearm. 
  • David Anthony Hernandez – Probation Violation for Dangerous Drugs and Probation Violation for Smuggling.  
  • Larry Guerrero Hernandez – Parole Violation for Unauthorized Use of Vehicle and Assault Bodily Injury. Member of Mexican Mafia Gang. 
  • Linda Flor Ibarra – Aggravated Robbery.  
  • Rolando Lopez – Probation Violation for Smuggling Aliens. Taiza Gang Member.  
  • Rene Arnold Martinez – Tampering with Evidence and Assault Family Violence. Member of Texas Mexican Mafia Gang.  
  • Rafael Resendez – Possession of Controlled Substance.  
  • Nathaniel Xavier Ramirez – Probation Revocation for Evading Arrest and Detention with Vehicle. Member of West Side Varrios Gang.  
  • Humberto Ramos – Possession of Dangerous Drugs. Member of Hermanos Pistoleros Gang.  
  • Michael Roberson – Parole Violation for Possession with Intent to Deliver and Failure to Appear regarding a 2nd DWI. Member of the Bloods Gang.
  • Ruben Rocha – Assault Public Servant.  
  • Marc Andrew Rodriguez – Assault Family Violence. Member of Tango Orejon Gang.  
  • Guzman Carrizales Sambrano – Parole Violation for Homicide and Possession of a Controlled Substance in Penal Institution.  
  • Jeremiah Sambrano – Failure to Appear Assault and Escape from Custody.  
  • Spurgeon Williams – Probation Violation for Cocaine. Member of East Terrace Crips Gang.   
  • Matthew Alexander Woosley – Felon in Possession of Firearm. Member of Tango Orejon Gang.  
  • Tyson William Yetts – Parole Violation for Assault Family Member.  
  • David Zepeda – Parole Violation for Murder. Member of Mexican Mafia Gang. 


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