One in four hospital employees admit they are underperforming due to Stress

67% of employees ready to quit say leaders made empty pandemic promises for well-being

Hospital leaders play a big role in retention at their organizations. Most employees associate supportive leadership with top reasons to stay at a job, according to a survey by Talk Space and The Harris Poll.

“The bottom line is it starts with the CEO and the way leaders treat staff,” admitted a Texas medical recruiter for hospital systems.

“Between the threatening of firing dedicated staff who choose not to be vaccinated and the unprofessional demeanor of hospital leadership, my job would not be so critical,” she admitted.

The survey sought responses from more than 1,000 full-time U.S. employees to better understand the experiences that have led to the “Great Resignation,” according to a Sept. 22 news release.

Seven survey insights:

  1. Six in 10 employees said having supportive leadership can improve retention. Employees ranked a supportive manager above a strong office culture and mentorship.
  2. Six of the top 10 reasons employees would stay at a job are associated with leadership and culture.
  3. Sixty-seven percent of employees who are considering quitting said their employers haven’t followed through on early pandemic promises to focus on employee mental health.
  4. Sixty-eight percent of potential quitters said their employers told employees they should focus on self-care but don’t provide the resources to do so.
  5. Forty-one percent of employees are likely to quit to resolve stress. These employees are choosing to quit over utilizing company policies, such as short-term leaves or changing departments.
  6. At least 25 percent of respondents said they are underperforming due to stress.
  7. Employees under 35 and mothers are more likely to quit in the next six months because of stress.
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    • Good decision on their part.
      During the 40 years I worked as an R.N., I saw a few changes in Healthcare. None were so destructive, in my opinion, as the forcing on the American public of Obamacare. You may remember it being touted as ‘Affordable Healthcare’. Affordable for who? It did succeed in one sense – forced most of the good practitioners out of the field of health because they refused to allow government to dictate how they can & cannot practice medicine.
      I’m so very thankful to be Retired now.
      Blessings to your child in their new field of study.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. The medical profession is perennially short of staff and screaming for recruits, overworking the people they have, and keeping pay low. It’s so important to have good leadership in this environment. In my years as an LNA, the administrations I worked with never seemed to learn how to care for the staff they had, and at this crucial point, it seems that they still think good staff grow on trees. They’ll tell you how wonderful you are and then leave things just the same. Maybe this time a massive shakeup will wake some of them up, because these dedicated people have put themselves in harms’s way and are no longer going to be pushed.

    Now, working still in the field, but not in direct health care, the budget and the staffing of my developmentally disabled work, while officially laying down the law with masks, etc., is not working too hard to enforce it, and our managers seem to not want to do it, either. I think they know it’s all propaganda. So far, the company has not said we must get the vaccine or else, even though run on State funding. Maybe there is hope for New Hampshire after all. I’d hate to have to quit; I love this work.

    The Liberals in this state are having an absolute bird over Governor Sununu passing that law on huge abortion restrictions. Hallelujah! This praying and speaking up, holding the line is really working, although it’s like constantly plowing in the hot sun. We can never give up.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I applaud your fortitude, faith, and determination. Backing down/giving in only empowers them to further their agenda.
      One thing that hasn’t changed is the way Healthcare administrators and managers treat their staff. Nurses are required to take a much heavier patient load than they should. Due to staffing shortages, they often agree to work overtime or pick up extra 12- hour shifts which gives them little time off for rest.
      On the other hand, Hospital admins and managers cater to the Physicians and treat them like VIPs. I understand – Drs aren’t employees and they do bring in most of the capital a facility runs on. However, any HC facility needs ‘ancillary staff’ to run smoothly – the Docs can’t do it on their own. They – all non-doctors – deserve to be treated with respect as valuable members of the well-functioning Healthcare team. Period.

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