Hey, Communist Socialist Liberals–Touché!

People should recognize that the great murderous regimes of the 20th century all did their killing in the name of one flavor or another of socialism: communism, liberalism, fascism…

Thankfully, millions in America and around the world realize this. Those who have been uninformed, naive or ignorant are rapidly learning.

To the socialism, communism liberals we say “Touche!”


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  1. The Communist Socialist Liberals have been super quiet about Uncle Joe’s accomplishments! I thought he was the Build Back Better guy , or better known as ‘B B B’aka Big Babbling Buffoon! This guy and his administration are a disgrace and so incompetent!
    Good post Jack!

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  2. they need to release all the people they locked up from the January 6th situation. those people were God Corp Country, Men and Women that stood up for the values of The United States of America! Only one of the reasons why they went up there out of many to stop a certification was due to the dead people that voted, dead people where to have found voted. that only, by itself, is enough information to release those people from jail immediately! too, being assaulted while in jail is criminal abuse as they had done that to a few of the people that went up there Jan 6th. The voting machines they took out of Arazona was it? It was found their VPN ports where left open while the dominion voting machines were connected to them and to the internet where they also had a USB port! What? A USB port of a Voting machine and modems found in a number of them? What about the 20,000 votes found ina storage unit in Georgia that made the news that the police department found? what about the man i met that called the polling places in Wisconsin where he lived while working at mattress firm to voice a complaint he had way too many ballots mailed to him yet they wouldn’t listen and would hand up the phone? that is all stuff that was really found. in the election there are many ways to vote on a huge piece of paper, i was against it being electronically recorded from the bringing because i knew of the massive amount of hacks and ransomware that happened everywhere as it happened to me in intellectual property theft. yet i voted for Trup and yet also voted for senators that was left wing yet im a right wing conservative even if most of the people i know are democrats, so what, im still a Republican by choice by God’s will. The people that went to the white house jan 6th are American People that was acting upon their beliefs and how the Constitution was formed one written by a George Mason: ” representiv3es are the trustees and events of the people and at all times amendable to them” “whenever government shall be found inadequate or contrary to these purposes the majority of the community hath as indubitable unalienable and undefesaible right to reform (it)… in such a masser as shall be the most conducive to the public weal.” George Mason wrote that to separate powers from tyranny and hostile acts or religious persecution to separate from tyranny, our forfathers. his last name was mason. once America became free someone said now your free, they stated your free mason and that is how they came up with the phrase freemasons, people free from the rule of dictatorship of contrary to unailien rights to be free a human right where their voices are heard so they could live each accordingly instead of being forced how to live.

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  3. God Bless America and the American People with its Parent Countries. Donald J Trump made a tremendous effort getting the vaccines out there and getting masks made and testings done with contact tracing that made a huge leap for successes much later on including hand sanitizers, where the current administration had followed protocol as they are trying equivocally, that point of human compassion was seen in both the GOP Administration also the DNC Administration. there was media that was mixing messages where people became confused and had a hard time comprehending. we had three family members die of covid where the actual data they used to remain well was from the media sites and on television. each Administration are not going to put their people at risk in such a manner as how bad the pandemic was where their primary goal was and is to save their people. There are many good things that had came out outside of all the bad issues that get commented on frequently by media, the best point was the strive to live where people interacted with their own information separate from media yet in line with what each Administrations where trying to help with. Pressure put amongst an entire crowd and or individuals directly creates errors, some in media and some in politics and some in the public as common normal citizens they don’t know what to think nor say and a normal thing happens that they state something due to pressure and or from irritating blame and name calling and bad things get said where those things get picked over so badly people lost their jobs where they shouldn’t of had and or where jailed. the entire human race was under pressure including myself where i had raised my voice in my own back yard when i could had been more self controlled and i like many others have problems physically financially emotionally where there seemingly wasn’t much hope when all along there was hope it was just a perception and at times not remembering there are virologists working on helpful solutions as well as University’s. it got to me so bad i began yelling at my own television that would seem bizarre to anyone. covid impacted everyone’s life in different ways, my doctors at the family physicians even had a hard time with me including my veteran rep as well as relatives or neighbors yet we all sharreda common thing, we all wanted to survive and be safe as well as all community members around us. maybe i hadn’t done as great as a job at controlling myself and words during crisis upon seeming crisis yet my anger was felt in a separate way when i waqs upset when people weren’t normally known to was their hands while in public or people at times not wearing masks before the vaccines came out or the CDC not connected to every human beings e-mails directly with flyers because i care.


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