Texas AG Files to Force Biden to Follow  Migrant Protection Protocols

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a motion Thursday to force the Biden Administration to reinstate Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP).

Paxton says that the Biden White House has “blatantly ignored the court’s order” to do so. 

MPP restricts illegal aliens’ ability to remain in the United States during immigration proceedings, which greatly reduces the burden shouldered by state and federal agencies tasked with defending our border. 

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“The Biden Administration’s refusal to follow the law has created chaos at our border,” Paxton said. “Our officers are working endlessly to try to manage the crisis that is overwhelming our state.”

“I have already sued this administration and won – yet they still think they are above the law and can continue shirking their responsibilities,” Paxton noted. “It’s time to stop the Biden Administration from acting outside of federal law. They have created this crisis by inviting illegal aliens to come into our country unlawfully.” 


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  1. These illegals are all about controlling the future of the Democratic Party .as far as Americans are concerned Democrats have destroyed their credibility .The safety of all Americans are meaningless to these Vipers ,they have only one thing in mind and that’s profit .The more illegals they can flood the red states with the more chances they can win elections without cheating or have the election challenged .The Democrats attack the American people daily over Covid yet they allow these invaders to enter without persecution.The Democrats believe themselves to be above America’s laws and daily break it’s laws.

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