How Barack Obama Controls the Biden White House

Days before he lost a second term in the White House, I interviewed President Jimmy Carter behind the Alamo.

Although young, I could sense his answers were basically canned responses and that he wasn’t certain about the upcoming election outcome.

Carter in front of Alamo. Jack Dennis 1980

During this 1980 campaign, an observer noted, “If you ask Jimmy Carter what time it is, he’d tell you how to build a watch but if you asked Ronald Reagan what time it is, he’d say it time to get this country moving again.” Reagan always knew where he was going and where he wanted to lead the nation.

Among the accomplishments, he emphasized to the crowd from the stage set up for him in front of the Shrine of Texas Liberty moments later, were advancements in government bureaucracy and education.

🔹The Carter Administration created the powerful Senior Executive Service (SES). Have you never heard of them? You will below.

🔹The Carter Administration created the Department of Education.

Six months after Trump declared his candidacy for presidency, the powers behind the Obama White House realized the threat to their agenda. They began moving into action and on December 15, 2015, Barack Obama signed an executive order virtually no one talked about, or God forbid, report on.

The executive order was purposefully secretive. Why? It is likely treasonous.

It was the beginning of a secret government force, that in retrospect we now know was intended as coup d’etat of a duly elected president and the ongoing “complete transformation of America.”

Obama’s executive order put into action a complicated and destructive plan to change the political structure of America.

The current White House puppets are dictated to by this premise.

The Deep State Purge

Immediately, Obama began an accelerated removal of thousands of American patriots from virtually every government agency began.

The purge was massive and was particularly harmful to our intelligence services and military.

Those expelled were replaced with only the most loyal party loyalists.  Political operatives were specifically placed in key posts to circumvent the Constitution and change our government towards Deep State globalists and their progressive-socialist agendas.

Trump called them “The Swamp.” Although Trump had been draining these operatives, it was discovered Obama had actually begun the purging since the beginning of his first term. The executive order hastened it when they realized Trump could be a threat to their takeover and his rising potential of defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016.

If Clinton were to be defeated, these actions would ensure a massive army of operatives waiting for Donald Trump.

Two Missions

This army of political operatives have two missions:

🔹The complete political, cultural and economic transformation of America.

🔹The overthrow of a Donald J. Trump.

Deep State = SES

The Deep State army would be the “Senior Executive Service,” the SES. Have you ever heard of them? If not, it’s by design. Below is their official flag and emblem.

SES was created on September 19, 1979 during the Carter administration for the purpose of professionalizing career civil service. It would “improve and modernize the management of the federal bureaucracy.”

From the government website:

“Members of the SES serve in the key positions just below the top Presidential appointees. SES members are the major link between these appointees and the rest of the Federal workforce. They operate and oversee nearly every government activity in approximately 75 Federal agencies.”

Today, a position within the SES is considered the equivalent to general officer or the flag officer ranks in the U.S. Armed Forces. By the time Obama’s order began the purging, these operatives were being referred to as “civilian generals.”

Known in Washington as “Obama’s Army,” these operatives were given the best jobs in the federal government that require no experience, no skills, and yet get the highest pay of anyone. If you’re the boss of your department, it’s hard to fire yourself.

The civilian general pay scale starts above the top level of civil service (GS-15), with base salaries ranging from a minimum of $127,914 to a maximum of $192,300 (2019 figures).

On the day Obama signed the executive order these civilian officers jobs changed from implementing policing to massively changing it.

Although Trump quickly began a purge of his own, especially with the FBI and DOJ, his administration was faced with enormous obstructions. Partly because of the massive changes by Deep State operatives but primarily due to the difficulties of firing SES civilian generals.

“To say Obama’s transformation of the SES into an army of political operatives was effective would be a gross understatement,” stated one observer.

Although Trump was able to eventually rid many of these operatives out of their positions, the task was too massive for just one term.

Imbedded Operatives Are Deep State

Today there are more than 2 million federal government employees. Most of the leaders of these employees are about 8,000 SES managers. Obama replaced over 6,000 of those managers with these Deep State operatives during his eight years in the Oval Office.

It’s important to note if you are doing your own verification research that “officially” they are not in the FBI, DOJ, and State Department.

There are “look-alike” senior management systems inside some federal agencies that fill the exact same purposes and those systems are directly connected to SES. Even the Department of Defense has these Deep State appointees, though they officially claim they do not. 

You cannot find their names on official lists. Remember they are imbedded in the DEEP state. SES is a system of controlling power through secrecy, and acting with complete impunity.

On the day Trump began his first day as President, 821 operatives were in place at the Department of Justice.

It wasn’t just the DOJ. Obama placed 639 operative managers at Homeland Security.

When former Texas Governor Rick Perry took over as Trump’s Energy Secretary, he faced 490 new operatives.

Here’s a list of other Departments (as Trump left office):

Department of Education – 86

Department of Housing & Urban Development – 115

Department of the Air Force – 182

Department of Labor – 200

Department of State – 204

Department of Transportation – 231

Department of Interior – 258

Department of the Army – 261

Department of the Navy – 326

Department of Veterans Affairs – 357

Department of Agriculture – 361

Department of Commerce – 425

Department of the Treasury – 458

Department of Health & Human Services – 468

All Other Agencies (all non-Cabinet level agencies) – 1,796

National Security

President Trump, learning the vulnerability of our nation’s military deterioration,  knew his team had to quickly act. Obama’s purge of the military was damaging to national security, as he literally gutted the command structure of the U.S. military.

Retired high ranking officers have told me of being subject to radical policies of social engineering and intense political correctness. The demoralization of the ranks was enormous.

An account of Obama’s purge
included the replacement of nine Senior Commanding Generals, two Nuclear Commanders, 197 high ranking Senior, General and Flag Officers, along with thousands of non-commissioned officers.

The FBI and Homeland Security Takeover

Trump learned that at least equally threatening was the Obama operatives takeover and transformation of the Department of Justice, the F.B.I. and the Intelligence Agencies. It’s obvious now to millions of Americans that FBI Director Christopher Wray, Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, William Barr and so many others are part of this Deep State.

One observer described these operatives as “the defacto 4th Branch of Government” who have been “dictating and carrying out their own policies, while openly subverting and sabotaging those of a duly elected president.”

The most important point to grasp is that Obama (with operatives such as Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder…) continues to be the man in charge of carrying them out as the Deep State and Shadow Government’s placeholder.

The purpose of Joe Biden is to be a symbolic frontman, but the public is catching on.

The Deep State and Globalist threw everything they had to make certain Trump was America’s last true president. No one, but their chosen and controlled puppet can be allowed to be president. All sheep must obey: getting vaccinated, staying home, believing mainstream media and remaining fearful help their cause.

Carter’s Department of Education

Critical Race Theory (CRT), postulates that all White Americans are born evil and that all Black Americans are born victims. While on paper CRT is supposed to teach “diversity and inclusion,” in reality it’s undoing the sacrifices of the Civil Rights pioneers who wanted us to not see color or race.

Biden’s Department of Education is actively funneling grant funding to schools that implement programs that teach the tenants of CRT. The initial program only provides a few million dollars in funding, but if implemented, the administration will enact billions in similar funding. Indoctrination at all levels are paramount.

In retrospect, Carter wasn’t such a good president but he wasn’t a bad man. Biden is a bad president and a bad man.

Carter never at his worst ever contemplated the things Biden is doing, such as revoking Trump’s protection of American statues from the evil of BLM and Antifa. 

Carter, had good intentions and was never un-American. Biden is a radical leftist and a tool of the forces who want to destroy our country.

Biden came to Washington promising the world to his Leftist base. Time will tell, but unless Republicans get their act together and take back Congress and the White House, then our country’s trials have only just begun. 


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  1. Looks like this quote . . .

    “Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They’ll only be able to parrot the information they’ve been given on the previous night’s news.”

    — Zbigniew Brzezinski

    . . . is the father of this quote:

    “He is trying to undermine the media and trying to make up his own facts. And it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens, he could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that, that is our job.”

    –Mika Brzezinski

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  2. So Jimmy jerk Carter was a good man ? Good american? But just a bad president ?
    So Jimmy jerk and filthy royal stabbed wonderful Shah of Iran in the back and gifted Iran with it’s huge wealth to British trained terrorist ayatollah Khomeini ( son of William Richard Williamson known as Haji William from Bristol city) so the entire region and consequently the world has been fucked up ever since as Shah had predicted and warned Jimmy jerk and his European gangsters,
    exactly how many Americans have been killed because of British trained terrorist ayatollah Khomeini? How many countries have been destroyed in the region since Shah was toppled and Zaher Shah was exiled to Italy? Exactly how many Muslims have arrived in Europe alone since 1979?why did Shah say in 1975 that CCP of China was going to be the biggest threat of future and must be contained and how did he know that? Exactly how did Shah know that pimp Allah’s soldiers would get in american government and congress? Exactly how many millions of innocent lives have destroyed because of British Islamic regime that Jimmy jerk Carter installed in Iran? Exactly why did Jimmy Jerk say to German Chancellor that it was not a good idea to let Iran become another Japan in middle east? Exactly why did Jimmy Jerk created Mojahedin followed by Taliban followed by Al-Qaeda and finally terrorist scumbag imam Hussein Obama’s ISIS ?
    America has gone to hell ever since Jimmy jerk Carter destroyed Iran and Afghanistan as wonderful Shah of Iran predicted and warned Jimmy jerk and his European gangsters,
    No Jimmy jerk Carter will go down as the most evil person ever existed because he fucked big time and this is why President Trump was left with so much mess.
    How precise wise Shah of Iran was.

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  3. Obama and his hogwash “deep state” have been and will remain in the light of day and will be systematically ousted out of the pigsty they wallow in. Imprisoned, eventually.
    Bad will always be bad because they never make much attempt at good – except for show, so… they will be discovered and dealt with one at a time. Oinkers leave a major stink that anyone can follow.

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