10 Truths Proving Democrats With Media Created ‘Insurrection’  Myth of Capitol Breach

FBI Director Christopher Wray told the House Judiciary Committee Thursday he could neither confirm nor deny that President Donald Trump, his former aides or members of Congress were or were not under investigation for any role in instigating the Jan. 6 Capitol breech.

Corporate Media, the Department of Justice (including the FBI), Congressional leadership and Deep State operatives have collaborated to create the myth that an “insurrection” of President Donald J. Trump supporters stormed into the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 to harm lawmakers.

Which side are truly insurrectionists?

Class Action Lawsuit Against FBI

Hollywood actor, Siaka Massaquoi, a conservative black activist as well as entertainer, filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California (Case No. LACV21-5722) on July 15, 2021, over an allegedly illegal unconstitutional raid by the FBI and its agents.

Ordered by and at the direction of Wray, this was in regards to the round up of even peaceful protestors who were in Washington, D.C., in support of President Trump and a nation free of corruption.

The complaint, which is filed as a class action for all persons who were in the nation’s capital to peacefully protest, but have been rounded up.

Many had their homes and businesses violated and broken into, their property such as cell phones and computers seized without probable cause, arrested, prosecuted, denied bail, or some even thrown into solitary confinement while awaiting trial, alleges the violation of First, Fifth, and Fourteenth constitutional rights by the defendants.

Ten Truths Against the Myth

Here are 10 truths that prove the media is wrong. The real conspiracy came from the Deep State politicians and operatives within (or controlled by) the government. All of them are being hidden or manipulated by Mainstream Corporate Media.

1. The man who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt was very likely Capitol Police Lt. Michael LeRoy Byrd. Mainstream media knows this.

2. There were Antifa supporters in the mob, including John Earle Sullivan, the man who filmed Byrd shooting Ashli Babbit.

Exclusive to CleverJourneys

3. A ‘stand down’ order was issued that prevented the Capitol Police and the National Guard from a full response that would merit a threat to the lives of the Congress members.

The Capitol Police’s Inspector General refused to provide the name of the official who issued the standout during April testimony. Although unofficially, Nancy Pelosi has been mentioned.

4. Media, Democrats and some Republicans, as if on script, began using the exact same verbage–words and phrases–in their initial accounts of the event. “Far right extremists,” “Trump incited the mob,” “Trump ordered,” “insurrection,” “crazed supporters,” “white extremists,” “far right mob,” etc.

Exclusive to CleverJourneys

5. President Donald Trump did not invite or suggest to his historically large crowd of followers for an insurrection of the Capitol building.

6. Not one of the 579 people arrested and charged in the event had a firearm inside the Capitol building.

7. Interesting enough, a slanted news organization remained loyal to the Democratic and corporate media narrative, but their own public search prove there were no charges for “insurrection.” The search also show no charges for “treason” or “rebellion.”

8. “While most ‘boogaloos’ (Boogaloo Bois) are libertarians who largely oppose Trump,” Reuters reported. “…the group embraced the moment to strike against the government.”

Even the LA Times reported “a dozen Boogaloo Bois, wearing signature Hawaiian shirts and patches revealing their alliance with Black Lives Matter, cheered as Black Panthers marched past” in a separate article showing they allied itself with BLM.


9. The Capitol was evacuated because of a bomb threat, not because of the protesters outside.

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund testified (mainstream media virtually ignored or buried the truth) that it was the discovery of pipe bombs in D.C. that prompted the evacuation.

“The discovery of a pipe bomb outside the Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington on Jan. 6 prompted police to evacuate two congressional buildings, not, as was believed, the attack on the U.S. Capitol,” the Washington Examiner reported in February.

“U.S. Capitol Police learned of the discovery of two pipe bombs on Capitol Hill around the same time, just before 1 p.m. ET that Wednesday,” their report indicated. “Capitol Police responded to one bomb discovered by an RNC staff member at the organization’s office, just a few blocks from the Capitol.”

“Metropolitan Police Department officers responded to a second pipe bomb that was spotted outside the nearby Democratic National Committee headquarters. Each department sent officers to respond, hurting the Capitol Police’s ability to secure the Capitol since MPD was called to the Capitol minutes after the bombs were discovered.”

“That resulted in the evacuation of two congressional buildings, the Cannon House Office Building, as well as one of the Library of Congress buildings. So it took extensive resources,” Police Chief Sund testified at a Senate hearing.

10. Curiously, Christopher Wray’s FBI has been challenged by some congressional members about their lack of interest in the pipe bombs as opposed to their forcefulness in rounding up and jailing people in the Capitol that day.

“While the FBI has been issuing public calls for assistance with locating MAGA grandmas and soccer moms who were at the capitol on Jan. 6, it has been reluctant to release video of a suspect that has been tied to the attempted pipe bombing,” reporter Kyle Becker with Trending Politics noted.

Wray Questioned

FBI Director Wray was asked in June about his agency’s handling of the Capitol investigation.

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) asked Director Wray to verify that no one at the event has been charged with “insurrection.”


“Director Wray, can you confirm that nobody arrested for the involvement in the January 6 riot has been charged with the crime of insurrection?” Gosar asked.

“Sir, I think I said in response to one of your colleagues, sitting here right now, I don’t believe there have been insurrection charges in any of the indictments so far,” Wray said. “But again, with 500 cases, I want to be sure…”

Gosar continued to question Wray about the FBI’s investigation of Jan. 6 and asked about the pipe bombs.

“I’m changing gears again, Director Wray, the FBI released several 30-second video clips of a suspected pipe bomber seeking the public’s help to identify him,” Gosar said. “Two of the video clips begin and end with the suspect already in the middle of the frame.”

“You know how long the suspect pipe bomber was there and which way he exited, but you have withheld that information from the public,” he continued. “The FBI is in possession of the full tapes of the pipe bomb suspect and knows far more than the public about potential identifying details. You have begged the public’s help in identifying this pipe bomb suspect. You even offered a $100,000 reward. Why have you not released the full tapes if you truly intend to leverage the public’s help? Will you commit to releasing the full tapes to the public immediately?”

Exclusive to CleverJourneys

“No, sir, I can’t make that commitment,” Wray said. “I’m very careful about making sure that we protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation, and when we share information with the public while asking for their help, it has to be done very thoughtfully with regard to both the solicitation for assistance as well as, again, the protection of the integrity of the ongoing investigation…”

“Well, what in conclusion, I again, urge the Capitol surveillance footage and the truth to be released in order to exonerate the innocent and provide justice and accountability for those who violate it,” Gosar said. “I would like to ask for unanimous consent to enter into the record a report from a Revolver News regarding infiltration and incitement of the January 6 protest by federal officials without objection.”

The Revolver News report indicated alleged FBI informants and agents worked with the planted extremists at the capitol on January 6th.

“It appears that the FBI’s interest in withholding at least 14,000 hours of Capitol riots footage, including video of the RNC and DNC pipe bomb suspect, is to keep the mainstream media’s “useful myths” about January 6 alive,” Becker News reported. “What else could explain the FBI’s lack of transparency?”

‘Personal Gestapo’

In the class action lawsuit filed in California mentioned above, Larry Klayman, the chairman and general counsel of Freedom Watch, which represents Massaquoi, didn’t hold back in his public comments.


“The FBI, as alleged, is being used by the Biden-Harris Justice Department as the administration’s and the left’s ‘personal Gestapo,’ to stifle free speech and dissent over the near total leftist, socialist and borderline communist takeover of our body politic.” Klayman said.

“And, FBI Director Wray bears personal legal responsibility and liability for these unconstitutional acts, which he has bragged about in public testimony before Congress – branding the peaceful protestors as mostly white domestic terrorists.”


The legal definition of the crime of “insurrection” can be found at U.S. Code 18 USC Ch. 115: Treason, Sedition, and Subversive Activities; §2383. Rebellion or insurrection. The definition is as follows: 

“Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.”


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  1. Tim, thanks for your usefull summary on my blog’s copy. Very good job you put them on record as video since been removed. I suspected something ‘under wraps’ has been happening because since January William Koenig’s weekly report is no longer sub-headed as coming from ‘Inside the White House’ [https://watch.org/content/subscribers]


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