Tucker Carlson: ‘America Knows’ ELECTION 2020: THE FACTS

The Must See-Tell It Like It Is-Truth About the Regime Take Over of America

President Donald J. Trump

A curious pattern occurred as I scanned through my email this morning. There were four messages regarding Tucker Carlson’s recent “ELECTION 2020: THE FACTS” segment.

I was impressed and actually cheered him on when I first saw it, but didn’t realize how much it resonated with so many others until I read the emails.

One message in particular came from a reader from Nebraska who I know has great wisdom and keeness:

For our family, we choose not to watch television–especially the news–and we know our lives are far better for it. Plus, I’m not about to succumb to corporate propaganda and their purposeful social engineering.

Believe me, without mainstream media, we remain very much informed.

Here are screenshots of Tucker Carlson at his best:

Introducing a great American family owned company:


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8 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson: ‘America Knows’ ELECTION 2020: THE FACTS

  1. That series of tweets Tucker was showing are an excellent summary of how we have been manipulated by the MSM, which is really a very important arm of the Deep State. And it’s a great breakdown of the election cheating we all know happened.

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  2. Like you guys we don’t watch TV news such as Brainwashing Britons Cult aka Brussels’ Broadcasting Club (ie BBC), or any yakkity-yak news-shows. So greatly appreciate your coverage, especially taking trouble to take all the above screenshots to convey Tucker’s important message. Saves time so many thanks folks.

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  3. Tucker is being a hero. So are you. So are we all, when we speak up against this mess and tell the truth. We will be vindicated; the Left’s empire is on crumbling sand, siphoning away, whoosh! Pretty soon they will be covered by the Red Sea, so we’ll keep right at it.

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