Law Enforcement Officers Call It Quits After Years of Dedicated Duty

Who can blame them?

Five Police officers from different states tell why they are stepping down.

“I’m counting the days until my retirement next month. I’ve been in law enforcement since ’96. That’s long enough, especially with the Defund Police movement and low morale. Many of my friends I’ve worked through the years with have left or will be soon.”—Richard M.

“For me, it’s just not worth it for my family anymore. Our city is very liberal (Austin, Texas) and the politicians here are doing everything they can to neutralize us. They’ve made it far more dangerous than it already should be. The brass doesn’t back us. We are humiliated. The mayor is a nut case and dangerous, but there are enough like him to keep Austin weird and dangerous. We packed up and left.” –Mike S.

After having been in law enforcement for 40+ years and dealing with the changing attitude towards cops, the pandemic had shown me it is better for me to take the out while I can before something comes along and takes it away from me and my family. I pray for the younger officers and look forward to our first camping trip out as retirees. Come on July 26th!” —Leon W.

“It was time. Police can’t be police. We can’t fight crime. We can’t prevent it. It was hopeless. I loved it. The powers that be deserve to be voted out or fired. It’s insane. Talking with citizens, they didn’t vote these idiots into office. We think corrupt and fraudulent elections are the only reason they are here. The DA is bought and paid for. Enough is enough.” —Jerry B.

“I retired in February. I was retirement eligible. COVID-19 was one reason. I had been exposed 3-4 times in the fall. Being an essential worker (law enforcement) I knew continued exposure would be a reality. Couple that with nonstop anti-law enforcement sentiment, staffing crisis, and non-existent morale, I decided it was time to walk away. We want to full-time anyway so we are getting a head start. I’m 56.” —Greg B.




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