Marching Orders For the American Patriots

Forwarded from Follow the Data with Dr Frank, Telegram

People are asking for direction, and how they can participate during this historic time. Here is my advice for now:

1) Individuals. Organize locally with other patriots. Learn what has happened and what is happening. Spread the word. Create public awareness. Help find phantom voters in your communities. Support your local supermoms. If there isn’t one yet, find one. Maybe you’re it. If you need help, ask.

2) Math people. Help local groups and supermoms find phantom voters by helping to process voter databases and prepare walk lists.

3) Public officials. Support the voter integrity effort. Admit that our elections are being hacked and tracked, and pursue measures to remedy the situation. For now, this probably means going back to paper ballots and paper pollbooks, and a complete rebuild of the voter databases.

4) Cyber geeks. Join the massive effort to process, correlate, and tabulate results from 34 Tb of PCAPs.

5) Warriors. Take the existing evidence and the upcoming PCAP results to your local precincts and BoE directors. Demand an explanation for their failure to protect our votes, and demand reform or their resignation. They work for us.

6) Leaders. Run for local office. Fire bad leaders now… don’t expect a broken election system to work to replace them.

7) Everyone. Pray every day for our country, and for the people engaged in the effort to reclaim our country and our freedom. Remember that WE are the government, and begin behaving accordingly.

I pray that God’s hand will continue to guide and bless all of our efforts, as we proclaim the Truth and turn our eyes back toward Him.

God is either going to judge us or redeem us.

I am praying and working every day for the latter.

Each of us needs to discover and engage the gifts and circumstances that God has orchestrated for us.



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