News and History You Will Not See on Mainstream Media

The Reuters news organization consistently gives glowing praise to Pfizer and is always quick with a “Fact Check” for support. But the fact that Reuters’ CEO is on the board of Pfizer has nothing to do with that. It’s probably just a coincidence.

How does this happen so fast after she was hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt four years ago? Ask Nancy Pelosi.

Despite what mainstream media and Democratic propaganda has put out, the date is official. Newsom faces a recall election.

What is the valid reason media is not reporting on this? Could it be the subject matter goes against Deep State narrative?

It works both ways, hopefully.

Senator Blackburn tells what media dares to hide. Here is a just released photo (there is more evidence too) that the current White House resident is a perpetual liar. Where’s the media? Oh, I forgot. They are consistent liars too.

Almost half of San Francisco residents want out of their self induced political and physical cesspool. Have you noticed this happens uniformly in Democrat controlled cities?

History the Woke Media Does Not Want You to Know


CleverJourneys welcomes Green Pasture as our primary sponsor.

A message from Jack Dennis

I first heard about the renown Dr. Weston A. Price from my son Jack.

Jack was suffering a perfect storm of health problems originally stemming from two brain concussions during one football game. It kept him out of school for a year. He was able to test out, but went through more health issues: a partially collapsed lung and a diagnosis of Lyme Disease from a tick bite during a church missionary trip.

In college, he became frustrated with little response to conventional medical treatments and began studying alternative treatments. Along this path he was seen and counseled by many physicians. Fortunately, some practiced with unconventional and holistic approaches. Jack finally found great relief and is doing quite well, living a healthy and productive life.

Today, he says “if a doctor is unfamilar with Dr. Price and his research, I find another physician. He is well known as the Issac Newton of Nutrition.”

Dr. Weston A. Price

Dr. Price’s landmark book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, was a result of his research and traveling the world in the 1920s and 1930s to study traditional diets.

“Dr. Price had an opportunity that does not exist today,” Jack explained. “The world had not been inundated with so much cross influence into these various unique cultures. Eskimos in Alaska, tribes in Africa and indigenous people in South America survived with good health from local sources. There was no global trading.”

Dr. Price discovered that in every traditional culture, no matter the region, people carefully collected and prepared sacred foods to ensure strong minds, bodies, and spirits.

‘High-vitamin butter oil’ was the term that Price used to describe the vitamin-rich butter oil made possible when cows graze on rapidly growing green grass.

Here is where a bit of serindipty appears. I recently came across the name, “Dr. Weston A. Price” again. It was from information about Green Pasture Products.Theyare a family business based in O’Neill, Nebraska, started by Dave and Barbara Wetzel.

“Our business was born after we decided to leave Dave’s high-powered career in the steel industry to raise our family closer to the land,” explained Barbara. “After finding a suitable farm and conferring with a forward-thinking agricultural extension agent, we began the demanding work of running a grass-based dairy farm.”

“Observing our labors, a local farmer commented that ‘he had never seen anyone work so hard’!Shortly thereafter, Dave chanced to hear Sally Fallon Morell speak about Dr. Weston A. Price.”

Fascinated with Dr. Price’s carefully documented observations about butter oil’s numerous health benefits, Green Pasture unhesitatingly decided in 2003 to dedicate their excellent pasture and entrepreneurial spirit to creating the product now known as Concentrated Butter Oil.

With these special foods, people sought to ensure robust health in both present and future generations. Green Pasture Products is proud to offer sacred foods prepared with the same great care and concern.

One of Dr. Price’s central discoveries was that high-vitamin butter oil taken in combination with cod liver oil fosters a powerful nutritional synergy.

“When Dr. Price’s patients consumed both oils together, they experienced often dramatically improvements in dental and physical health. For this reason, Green Pasture expanded their product line in 2007 to include fermented cod and skate liver oils.”

Today, Green Pasture Products features several nutrient-dense products, including the fermented cod and skate liver oils, concentrated butter oil, and more.

CleverJourneys is proud to welcome Green Pasture Products as our primary sponsor and urge our readers to try them. Dodie and I do.

God Bless,

Jack and Dodie Dennis

P.S.–When I told son Jack, he was delighted.


  1. A cousin’s husband was the CFO of (big pharma) Abbott’s European arm, based in Frankfurt,. She told me how new drugs are created. “They have unpublicised teams of ‘anthropologists’ watching native peoples, typically in the Amazon jungle, and observing what natural plants they use as ‘herbal remedies’. Then they take samples of the plant back to the laboratories, where they attempt to isolate the active components. Then they do pre-clinical tests on them and, if it works, patent them and make a large fortune out of the result. The suggestion that they mess around in laboratories trying to invent drugs from chemical first principles is just not true.”

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