Actual VAERS Reports on Patients After Taking COVID Experimental Vaccines Are Disturbing

Have you ever read a Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) report?

A look at just a sample few from the June 18, 2021 CDC release can be quite startling…and informative.

The following are actual VAERS report cases.

Report # 1360537: 24 year old female from Washington

“Weird side effect that felt like my brain was jiggling inside my head; dizziness; slight trouble walking;” VAERS Report # 1360537 states.

“…the patient had weird side effect that felt like her brain was jiggling inside her head. This lasted for two days after her second dosage. It caused dizziness and slight trouble walking sometimes. The outcome of ”felt like her brain was jiggling inside her head.”

Report # 1371908: 62 year old male from California

“Within 6 days my brother was sick, everyone said it’s the side effects from the Covid vaccine because it was the exact same side effects, chills-headaches, lethargic, just wanted to sleep he said that’s all he needed,” this report states. “However that wasn’t the case here 4 days later he has brain damage from Encephalitis and meningitis which is so Rare to have together.”

“This all happen to his having the second shot, He was a very health(y) person, body builder/MMA etc now he lays in bed or wonders the room not knowing whats going on this is just Wrong.”

“We’re told with his brain damage he won’t heal from it. No Short Term Memory.”

Media social media post

Report # 1308497: 38 year old female from California

Report #1225448: 21 year old male from Florida

Report #1340811: 30 year old female from Michigan

“Started feeling terrible the day after the vaccine. Very tired, not feeling well, off balance. Symptoms got so back she had to go to the ER. She ended up being transferred to another hospital because they couldn?t treat her. She has a blood clot in the carotid artery and acute strokes and brain tissue damage and numbness and loss of strength to right arm and hand.”

Report #1209247: 24 year old female from Texas

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  1. This is not just troubling, but almost criminal. Considering that there is at least a 99 percent survival rate for those who get Covid, to continue pushing the vaccine on healthy children and young adults, especially considering the high percentage of serious vaccine side effects, is terribly wrong. Normally such vaccines would be removed from the market. I would never let my child be a human guinea pig for the government.

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