Internet Flop: Kamala Told to Go to Texas Border

During the 91 days since current White House Resident Biden proclaimed Kamala Harris as the Border Immigration Czar, the vice president has been constantly lambasted for not helping the crisis. Not once has she visited the US-Mexico during her time in office.

Except for the predictable mainstream media and typical liberal blowhards, most Americans have been blasting, berating and ridiculing Harris for her lack of action on the crisis.

As soon as the White House announced she would finally be flying to El Paso (considered friendly territory and about a thousand miles away from the real issue) two days ahead of President Donald J. Trump and Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the onslaught against her peaked. Here is a sampling:



  1. She won’t go near the problem areas. I guess people in cages trigger her. Funny how she is scrambling now that Trump is going there. Let’s hope Abbott tells her to get her happy laughing ass back to DC.

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