Does Media Use Fake Syringes to Simulate COVID Shots for Propaganda?

In a recent CleverJourneys article, “‘We Knew it Was a Toxin’ Prominent Vaccine Professor Now Admits,” a favorite reader (and great blogger on Bullying) commented about famous people who received the vaccine:

“You have to wonder if they really got the jab, or if they were given a placebo,” wrote cheriewhite.

We’ve heard that same statement or question many times since the beginning of 2021 and realized it’s actually a common thought among skeptics of media, the World Health Organization, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the CDC and others.

A post from a reader identified as “citk” sent a link that shows a talent scout agency did indeed seek “actors” for a “simulated covid vaccine shoot.”

The actors, posed as a doctor, nurse and patient, would be using a “Hollywood grade FX prop needle syringe” that is “spring loaded blunt top retractable.”

“A medical professional will be on site to supervise and teach how to simulate injections accurately,” the casting call explained.

The pay for the shoot last April was $300 for an “Unlimited worldwide release.”

The company soliciting was starnow, who search and cast for actors, models, and talent across the globe. They are used by such companies as Disney, Netflix, BBC, and FOX, among others.

Many people have significant concerns in regard to being injected with experimental drugs that have not been proven to be safe as a vaccine for a sickness with a 99.7% survival rate.


  1. Great to see discussion. If you can find it, Kamala injection was fake. Spring loaded. They tried to hide but missed. I bet it is no longer on web or it has been edited.

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  2. Well, if the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and the resulting videos of “atrocities” being committed in a hospital can be faked with U.S. complicity, nothing would surprise me.If Kamala got a fake shot I wonder what the Vegas book is on Ole’ Sleepy getting the Full Jolt?

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  3. Wow! They sure don’t cover their tracks too well, now do they? And $300.00? Damn! They’d have to go a hell of a lot higher! But I guess when you’re broke and hard up for money like many of these lazy leftist foot soldiers, I guess 300 sounds like a good deal. Thank you so much for posting this, Jack and Dodie! This means a lot and will no doubt help many people decide to do what’s best for them and not the Loony Left.

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