Two-thirds of U.S. Adults Say We Should Prioritize America First on Immigration Policy

Communistic Socialism Increased During Obama Years

President Donald J. Trump Was Right

Countering the “official” 2020 election results, a new survey reveals the America First policy is preferred over the Biden immigration policy.

Sixty-three percent (63%) of U.S. adults believe that immigration policy should prioritize the interests of the U.S. and its current citizens. A Cato Institute survey found that only 37% take the opposite view and believe the policy should do whatever benefits the most people regardless of nationality.[1]

Most Republicans (85%) and independents (61%) say U.S. interests should come first. Most hardline liberal Democrats (54%) take the opposite view.[1]

The survey found that “only 33% of the public favors removing all restrictions on immigration after the pandemic is over.”

Seventy-two percent (72%) of strong liberals favor open borders as do 54% of moderate liberals. However, 82% of conservatives oppose open borders.[1]

The Cato report adds that 86% oppose the immigration system giving priority to those with family living in the U.S.: 58% say high-skilled workers and those with U.S. relatives should be given equal preference, and 28% prioritize high-skilled workers first.[1]


Jose Garcia Zarate, a felon illegal alien, was sentenced to 3 years in prison for gun conviction for the 2015 killing of Kate Steinle on the San Francisco pier.


Mainstream Media, their polling partners and U.S. education indoctrination efforts began accelerating their information propaganda at the turn of the century.

Based on Political Action Committees (PACs) and heavy lobbying from New World Order (NWO) and other anti-American socialism causes, Deep State operatives in FBI, CIA, DOJ and other government departments run their organizations with this acceleration in mind.

“Changes in Democrats’ views largely account for this shift,” reported CATO. “Today, nearly half (47%) of Democrats support increasing immigration to the U.S., compared to 21% of independents and 11% of Republicans.”

“In contrast, in 2001 Gallup found only 17% of Democrats, 16% of independents, and 7% of Republicans wanted to increase immigration. Thus, about 20 years ago partisans had more similar attitudes. Views diverged starting around 2010 (after Obama was elected) when Democratic support began to accelerate.”

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