Top 10 Buzz Trends of the Week: April 20, 2021

Maxine incites violence. Socialism sucks. COVID-fakery. Resident Biden is an idiot. Buzz Trends of the Week.


  1. Well, another “choke on my coffee post”! The cartoon of the virus hitting the walker but missing the diner is priceless!

    This morning I had to drive into Charlottesville, VA. En route to the Amtrak station I had to drive through part of UVA – certainly an elite school. Here is some of what I saw: Bikers, joggers and walkers all wearing face masks. Drivers of cars, windows up and all alone – wearing face masks. People waiting for buses – wearing masks. The topper was, I think, two girls walking together holding large cups of coffee. Every few steps they would pause, slip the mask down a few inches and take a sip of their brew. Then – up went the masks! I had to wonder: are these people doing this because: A) They really believe the wearing mask outdoors nonsense; B) They are all trying to “Virtue Signal” how “caring” they are; C) They are complying with a draconian and illogical policy from UVA?
    To see this in the midst of one of the best schools in the country is dismaying and bewildering. Thank Goodness we live on the “other side of the mountain”!

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