Come On Man, Why Not Debate Putin? Another Biden Embarrassment

The current White House resident has turned down a debate challenge from Vladimir Putin after Joe Biden called the Russian President a “killer” with no “soul.” Globally, this has become another huge optical foreign relations defeat for the Biden administration.

The New York Post reported Thursday that White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki quickly closed down any prospects of a Biden-Putin debate.

“I don’t have anything to report to you in terms of a future meeting. The president will, of course, be in Georgia tomorrow and quite busy,” Psaki said.

As National File reported Thursday afternoon, Putin’s response to the Biden “killer” comments dealt a serious verbal counterpunch to the U.S. President.

“I remember in my childhood, when we argued in the courtyard with each other we used to say: it takes one to know one,” Putin said.

Putin went on to challenge the 78-year-old Biden, known by many critics as the “Human Trafficking President,” to a publicly live streamed debate without moderators to aid the U.S. President:

Putin challenged Biden to a televised live debate, calling the bluff of the man who accused him of being “a killer” who doesn’t have “a soul.” The move exposed the White House’s biggest public relations weak point: Biden’s inability to speak publicly in a coherent sentence.

“I’ve just thought of this now, I want to propose to President Biden to continue our discussion, but on the condition that we do it basically live, as it’s called,” Putin told a Russian state television reporter.

“Without any delays and directly in an open, direct discussion,” Putin added. “It seems to me that would be interesting for the people of Russia and for the people of the United States.”

It’s unclear what activities Psaki referred to that will be keeping Biden “quite busy” over the next few days, as many of his presidential duties have been delegated to Vice President Kamala Harris.

For all intents and purposes, Harris has taken over the role of speaking to world leaders from Biden, who insiders revealed, retires noticeably earlier than President Donald J. Trump, usually at 7 p.m.

3 thoughts on “Come On Man, Why Not Debate Putin? Another Biden Embarrassment

  1. Well, of course we know Biden will be in Georgia. After all, he has to continue the charade that President Trump was anti-Asian, doesn’t he? Or maybe there is another reason?
    The confessed killer of these massage parlor workers has admitted to authorities that his motivation wasn’t bigotry but a guilty conscience over his “sex addiction”. It is also fairly common knowledge (at least within law enforcement) that the workers of these massage parlors are frequently the victims of human sex-traffickers and also smuggled into the country illegally (dare I say the word?).
    So, the situation in Georgia is a combination of sex, human trafficking and illegal entry. What could possibly be the draw for Biden?
    God have mercy on those poor women and our country.

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  2. Honestly, I would bet that Democrats see no inadequacy when it comes to Biden. It’s clearly evident the man is not well. I’m at the point of pitying him and shame on his family and the Democrats for allowing him to continue to make a fool out of himself on National TV. I pray he doesn’t get us in a war.


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