Judge Will Decide Obama, Biden, Psaki ‘Glitch’ Case on Their Dangerous Iran Negotiations

The Obama Administration, including then-Vice President Biden and his current “circle back” Press Secretary Jen Psaki, attempted to hide their engagement in closed-door negotiations with Iran, the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world.

Although they attempted to obscure and cover it up, they downright lied to the American people about the most critical and controversial diplomatic negotiations in decades.

“Today, the same Deep State operatives in the Biden Administration are preparing to underwrite the Iranian regime and appease its mayhem and murder on this same theory that they did in 2015,” says Mike Pompeo, of American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) . “despite the Biden team’s initial public statements that Iran will not receive economic relief until Iran comes back into compliance with the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) – an agreement which the ACLJ has long opposed that provided a pathway to a nuclear weapon – the same cast of characters looks for all the world to be preparing to capitulate and permit the funding of Iranian terror, assassination, missile building, and massive antisemitism.  If it does, the Ayatollah Khamenei will, one day, hold the world hostage to its nuclear ambitions.”

Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Biden

Through ACLJ’s lawsuit, they obtained an email sent by  Psaki with information relevant to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Iran lie about the Obama-Biden negotiations towards dangerous Iran deal, that John Kerry was mysteriously involved in.

“In typical Deep State fashion, the chain of emails has been so heavily redacted that it is hard to make heads or tails of the conversation, except that the Iran discussion is specifically referenced,” ACLJ noted this week. “And the flurry of email activity began with an inquiry from an Associated Press reporter within days of the deleted press briefing.  Now the Biden State Department is refusing to cooperate or provide us with an unredacted copy, due to supposed security concerns, including new concerns it claimed for the first time well into our lawsuit.”

ACJL just received a new court order concerning this FOIA case indicating the court agreed with their arguments and ordered the Biden State Department to hand over a crucial document for in camera review by the judge himself.

This case goes back five years as the Obama-Biden Administration was censoring an official State Department press briefing video to delete an embarrassing admission that they lied about its Iran deal negotiations.


Note: “Glitches” are a common excuses for Deep State alibi lies. Think about all the coincidental “glitches” there were occurring in Dominion Voting machines in just specific swing state cities on Election Night 2020.


ACLJ “received definitive evidence that the Obama-Biden Administration intentionally manipulated the public video record of a press briefing – having deleted an incriminating portion in which it admitted deceiving the American people about the Iran nuclear negotiations.”

“As we explained in our lawsuit, the Administration originally claimed the deletion was a ‘glitch‘; but after receiving our FOIA request, it admitted the deletion was not a glitch, but was instead ‘deliberate.’”

“The federal judge in the case, however, has instructed the State Department to deliver the document to the court for review. The court will then determine whether the Biden Administration has correctly withheld it or not.”

During a 2013 Press Briefing where secret meetings between the Obama-Biden Administration and Iran were asked about, “then-State Department spokeswoman Psaki essentially admitted she feels it is justifiable to withhold the truth from the American people – otherwise known as lying – at her own discretion:

At the Daily Press Briefing on December 2, 2013, [James] Rosen asked spokesperson Jen Psaki if the talks had really begun as far back as 2011, as Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes recently admitted to the New York Times. Here is what Rosen said, referencing a prior press briefing in February 2013:

QUESTION: — about Iran. And with your indulgence, I will read it in its entirety for the purpose of the record and so you can respond to it.

“Rosen: There have been reports that intermittently, and outside of the formal P5+1 mechanisms, the Obama Administration, or members of it, have conducted direct secret bilateral talks with Iran. Is that true or false?”

“Nuland: We have made clear, as the Vice President did at Munich, that in the context of the larger P5+1 framework, we would be prepared to talk to Iran bilaterally. But with regard to the kind of thing that you’re talking about on a government-to-government level, no.”

That’s the entirety of the exchange.

Rosen followed up with a valiant attempt to get a straight answer. Finally:

QUESTION: Let me try it one last way, Jen —

MS. PSAKI: Okay.

QUESTION: — and I appreciate your indulgence.

MS. PSAKI: Sure.

QUESTION: Is it the policy of the State Department, where the preservation or the secrecy of secret negotiations is concerned, to lie in order to achieve that goal?

MS. PSAKI: James, I think there are times where diplomacy needs privacy in order to progress. This is a good example of that. . . .

Based on that answer, it’s rather alarming that Ms. Psaki has authorized herself to determine when she should and should not tell the truth, considering that she now speaks for the White House and President Biden. But maybe it’s not all that surprising.”

In the censored video, President Obama’s State Department – and Psaki specifically – essentially admitted as much. The decision to scrub the video was part of an intentional cover-up. The decision to call the alteration a “glitch” was part of that cover-up. And we’ve obtained the “sensitive” State Department internal memo detailing “evidence of purposeful editing” that proves it. Further, the decision to not fully comply with our lawful FOIA request proves what we’ve suspected all along.”

“It’s worth nothing that Psaki is the same White House Press Secretary who wanted to require all journalists to submit their questions in advance of briefings so she could determine which ones she would call on to answer.”

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