Turncoat Mike Pence Just Endorsed Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Public Reaction Not Good

Within one hour after former vice president posted an endorsement for Arkansas gubernatorial candidate Sarah Huckabee Sanders, over 34,000 people responded. Most comments were not favorable to Pence.


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“He is known to be bisexual but tries to keep it hidden. He puts forth a persona of über-Christian. When he was governor he was very strict on the gay and lesbian communities, things like this, to hide that. He was surveilled then. And it was well known the FBI and CIA do illegal surveillance of many members of — you know, politicians at all levels.”


  1. My favorite

    This is about like Judas recommending John for the position of ‘disciple’.

    And one discussing how Pence is ‘ Like Warm’ also has Biblical roots

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  2. Yikes! Now there is some unhappy folks. Yep, Pence is a traitor, but still not as bad as Pelosi and Biden. Personally, I can’t stand any of our Washington fools. Maybe Cruz, Gomer and Jordan, but that’s it.

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