10 Questions I Would Ask Joe Biden With No Teleprompter Nearby

Joe Biden has held media interviews only 43 times since his White House residency, as of Nov. 2, 2022.

In comparison, at this same point during their terms in office, here are the number of media interviews for these presidents:

🔹Ronald Reagan: 97 Note that Reagan more than doubled the number of Biden’s interviews despite being shot in the lung in an assassination attempt shortly after he took office.

🔹George H.W. Bush: 94

🔹Bill Clinton: 89

🔹George W. Bush: 84

🔹Barack Obama: 236

🔹Donald J. Trump: 143

Since October 1980, I have met and interviewed Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, the latter two after their presidencies.

If I had the opportunity to ask current White House resident Joe Biden just 10 questions without the use of his teleprompter, these are what I would ask in this order.

1. Is the first and most important priority of the president of the United States to protect the safety and security of Americans?  

2. How does this priority play into your illegal immigration stance and virtual neglect of the alien, crime, human and drug invasion on our southern border and other ports of entry?

3. Who is your boss? Barack Obama, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett or George Soros?

4. Who is their boss?

5. Should politicians like you use powerful government positions to enrich themselves and their families? Isn’t that pure abuse of power that should be investigated and/or prosecuted?

6. Why is your administration blatantly ignoring federal law when it comes to keeping illegal migrants out of America and covid mandates? 

7. Why did the Obama-Biden Administration separate children from parents at the border and keep them in enclosures, cages?

8. Why is the Biden/Harris Administration doing worse than the Obama/Biden policies who gave the U.S. economy the slowest economic recovery in seventy years?

9. As vice president, why did you take so many trips to stay at rental houses owned by Judge Emmet Sullivan?

10. What is your response as to why you inappropriately touch and sniff children in public so often?

What question would you ask?


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  1. These are questions from a dementia test:

    • Do you have trouble making decisions even for everyday things….

    • Do you have trouble focusing or concentrating……?

    • Do you forget the names of familiar objects and use general phrases such as ‘you know what I mean’ or ‘that thing’?

    • Do you get easily confused driving, or using tools? Do you get lost in places that are familiar to you (i.e. your neighborhood or the grocery store)?

    • Do you find that you miss social cues, which may lead to not understanding what others are saying, laughing at inappropriate times, staying on a topic despite a lack of interest by others, and/or saying things that are viewed as offensive?

    • Do you get confused with recalling the day of the week, month, year, important dates, and/or do you repeat yourself in conversations?

    • Do these difficulties reflect changes from how you were functioning a few years ago?

    Watch this, do you think Joe would pass the test?

    ‘Good luck America’: US President Joe Biden gaffe compilation

    Sky News Australia is what Fox News used to be like.

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