Deaths After Vaccine Shots Could Be Seriously Underreported

Mainstream media, as usual, is underreporting or distorting news about the deaths of thousands of individuals who are dying shortly after taking the Chinese Virus vaccines.

A 28-year-old physical therapist from Evansville, Indiana was among the first people, the public found out about, who died after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

Haley Link Brinkmeyer’s death on Jan. 21 after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine on Jan. 19 was barely mentioned, if at all, by mainstream media.

Screenshot of obituary notice.

Alternative media first introduced the news shortly after the young lady’s passing and American patriots continue to share it globally on the internet and by word of mouth.

The most verifiable sources indicate the U.S. has at least 3,200 deaths of those who took at least one of the COVID vaccine shots within hours or days after the injection.

This estimate is likely very low compared to reality because most of it is reported by VAERS (strictly aa volunteer system that is historically under reported) or by local media.

Haley and her husband Evan, 2018.

Haley Brinkmeyer’s mother, Shauna O’Neill Link, posted that “My 28 year old daughter took the vaccine on Tuesday and was dead by Thursday…Autopsy shows no other red flags.”

Here are more related deaths generally not reported by mainstream media.

Remember, this is just the beginning and weeks behind in reporting.

Chief Nurse Tiffany Dover was last reported back at work after passing out on live TV 17 minutes after her jab.

It’s not just the United States. Countries around the world are beginning to report similar trends in rising deathsafter vaccinations.

Popular meme on social media.


  1. Note from friend after watching above video

    I’ve been trying to steer clear of anyone I know who has been vaccinated. My in-laws both got the vaccine. Maybe just a coincidence but a couple weeks after they got them all three of their indoor cats got high fevers and had upper respiratory issues.

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