White House Working With Social Media to Squelch Truth About Vaccine Danger

Patriotic Americans have been called “Deplorables,” “Uncle Tom’s,” and now “Anti-Vaxxers.”

Since the Obama administration’s taking office in 2009, definitions of who we are began to be spewed like political vomit.  

First, was the list that became secretly transmitted to police departments across the nation from Janet Napolitano (DHS) that labeled most Americans as threats for one or a series of reasons.  

Her negative labels were soon anointed and seconded by Obama, Pelosi, Reid and other political progressive puppets.  At that time, the progressive puppets had grown to more than half of the U. S. Congress plus the President’s Cabinet and all of his advisors.  

The labeling has not been effective, even though they continue with attempts to shame.

While the name calling satisfies liberal tendencies and gameplay, conservatives just become more determined.

For many patriotic Americans, being called names has become a badge of courage and duty as evidenced by last year’s historical and record breaking attendance at President Trump’s campaign rallies.

What were the liberals to do?

Cheat— and now censor.

Reuters is reporting that the Biden White House has been reaching out to social media companies including Facebook, Twitter and Alphabet Inc’s Google about clamping down on COVID misinformation and getting their help to stop it from going viral.

Biden’s big back scratch for Big Pharma is to produce more inoculated Americans for them. He dubbed it “a wartime effort.” But tackling the growing number of people who are deciding not to take the controversial vaccines has emerged as a major impediment for the administration.

Popular meme.

Since the onset of the pandemic, American have enough history now to ask questions and refuse the disinformation and scattered views from media, FDA, CDC and especially WHO. 

Someone with knowledge about Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, recently admitted the administration has been secretly working with Silicon Valley and Big Tech to change Americans minds by controlling what is available on social media.

“Disinformation that causes vaccine hesitancy is going to be a huge obstacle to getting everyone vaccinated and there are no larger players in that than the social media platforms,” said the source, who has direct knowledge of the White House’s efforts.

“We are talking to them … so they understand the importance of misinformation and disinformation and how they can get rid of it quickly.”

The Biden White House is especially trying to make sure such material “does not start trending on such platforms and become a broader movement,” the source said.

The source cited the example of the anti-vaccine protests at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles in early February, and said the White House wants to stop events like that from happening again.

The protest, organized on Facebook through a page that promotes truthful information about the coronavirus pandemic, masks and immunization, briefly blocked public access to the stadium – one of the largest vaccination sites in the country, where health authorities were at one time administering more than 8,000 vaccines a day.

One July 2020 report found social media accounts held by those who oppose the “vaccinations” have increased their following by at least 7·8 million people since 2019. Today it has increased to over 28 million and growing rapidly.

Popular meme.

A Facebook spokeswoman said they reached out to the White House to offer “any assistance we can provide” and has recently announced a new policy to remove COVID and vaccine “misinformation” along with pages, groups, and accounts that repeatedly spread such material.

A Twitter spokesman admitted they are “in regular communication with the White House on a number of critical issues including COVID-19 misinformation.”

The source said the companies “were receptive” as they engaged with the White House. “But it is too soon to say whether or not it translates into lessening the spread of misinformation.”

3 thoughts on “White House Working With Social Media to Squelch Truth About Vaccine Danger

  1. Spot on Jack and Dodie. With one party ruling Washington, the media and the social networks, we are in trouble. Still, the Repubs are sitting in the 19th hole drinking good scotch. ” Oh Spalding, can you please tell those noisy people outside to keep it down, I can’t hear what Nancy is trying to tell me.” The Dems have brass knuckles and nail embedded bats, and the Pubs have a squirt gun.

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  2. Call me a little (or a lot) crazy, but this may actually be good news. You see, the more they censor and collude the more they make it imperative that they be replaced. Now, if Twit and Face edited entries a bit here and a bit there no one would as aware of what they are about as we are now. And, the best thing is that these nitwits really have no idea what America is all about. They really don’t.

    It’s only a matter of time until Twit and Facebook and their ilk go the same route as did other media that became irrelevant. Does anyone still care who Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” is? How many newspapers, once a staple of nearly every household, are actually still read? And, I believe, it is not just a matter of the arrival of the internet. It is…a matter of trust. The controllers of today’s media can form all the Fact Checkers and Verifiers they want. It is too late. They have lost the trust of the people – even the ones they currently prop up.

    America is, I believe, a patient and tolerant nation. We love under-dogs and odd balls; we merely shake our heads at purple hair and nose rings and we help one another – even the cranky neighbor and the stranger. But, we have our limits.

    A few years ago a friend and I were discussing patience under duress. She had just about reached her limits with a particular situation. She painted a somewhat crude but very effective word picture to illustrate the limits of her patience: “You can stick an umbrella up my butt, but you’d better not open it”!

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