Is Joe Biden’s Mental Capacity Fading Fast According to Plan?

Ex-Secret Service agent, turned political commentator Dan Bongino, reveals that White House resident Joe Biden’s mental faculties are in “bad shape.”

This is no surprise to millions of Americans who heard him talk, watch him remain reclusive in his basement, and saw lackluster performances at the sparsely attended campaign rallies he managed to attend in 2020.

While his Deep State handlers and Democrat operatives worked behind the curtains to keep him afloat with the help of Mainstream Media, most citizens realize he was being used.

Globalist communistic socialists simply took advantage of Biden’s reputed greed knowing he was compromised with corruption.

Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and other corrupt politicians worked with Alex Soros (on behalf of his father, George, and other New World Order operatives) to set Kamala Harris (16th place candidate in Democratic primaries) as Biden’s replacement, early during his presidency.

Bongino explained what was going on to Sean Hannity’s television audience Wednesday night.

Secret Service agents have told Dan Bongino about Biden’s deteriorating brain functions.

Sean, again, it gives me absolutely no joy in saying this, and I mean that. He is in real, significant trouble, Joe Biden,” Bongino announced. “And listen to me, everyone around him, everyone knows it. Everyone knows it. This is the scandal that they’re not telling you…”

Bongino explained that “they call it the Secret Service for a reason, but I maintain a lot of contacts outside of even law enforcement. And I’m telling you from what I’ve heard from people in my network, everyone knows how bad it is. Everyone.”

Is it little wonder why many Democrats are suddenly calling on Biden to relinquish control of America’s nuclear war capabilities?

Or are they just following the script according to plan?

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