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Two Bills to End Texas’ Mask, Lockdowns and COVID Restrictions Filed

Texans have had enough of the socialism mandates requiring mask wearing, lockdowns and other restrictions on their freedoms.

Governor Greg Abbott and other state politicians are under pressure to end them. Tyler’s State Representative, Republican Matt Schaefer filed two bills on Tuesday to help protect citizens’ freedom during emergencies and ban mask mandates statewide.

Schaefer filed House Bills  2097. and 2098 to end any governor’s or local official’s mask mandates, bar them from ever issuing such mandates again unless the legislature authorizes it, and take away officials’ ability to fine citizens for not following their emergency orders.

If signed into law, the bills would take effect on September 1, 2021. However, if a two-thirds majority in the Texas House and Senate voted for approval, the bills would take effect immediately.

Texas is also currently under a statewide mask mandate from Gov. Greg Abbott.

“Want a mask mandate with a criminal offense? Pass a law,” Schaefer posted on social media. “[The] governor can’t create a crime & also enforce the crime. That violates separation of powers. No one person should ever have that power.”


Friday Gov. Abbott said the state of Texas would be making a statement about the subject soon.

Republican Party of Texas Chair Allen West has previously written about and called for the Texas Legislature to address “executive overreach.”

“We must return to being governed by laws passed by a legislative body,” West said before the beginning of this legislative session.


The two bills are to be assigned to a committee before they can be voted on by the full House.

Bills in the House are assigned to committees by the speaker of the House; in the Senate, they are assigned by the lieutenant governor.

Historically, bills in the House related to disaster preparedness would go to the Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee; in the Senate, it would go to the Water, Agriculture, & Rural Affairs Committee.

The Texas Legislative session runs until May 31. Citizens may keep track of House Bills 2097 and 2098 by using Texas Legislature Online.

Earlier in February, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis fully reopened his state and banned local officials from mandating masks.

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