Coked Up Products Worth Boycotting by Patriotic Americans

Since 2019 I have consumed Coca-Cola products as much as I have watched TV news: just twice.

One Coke in May 2020 (at a graduation party with no water available) and a Sprite in February 2021 (snow/ice storm caused water pipes breakage and outage in restaurant we were in). No tea or ice was available.

The two times I watched TV news was to see President Trump speak at rallies. We were at public venues.

Our family tries hard (and it’s more easy than most people realize) to support local businesses and restaurants that hold traditional American values and Christian principles to heart.

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7 thoughts on “Coked Up Products Worth Boycotting by Patriotic Americans

  1. Same here. Maybe two or three in 20 years. They have changed a lot since the ” sing in perfect harmony” commercials about bringing the world together. Wait!! Maybe President Harris could get Coke to revitalize that campaign so we can all sing Cum-by-Ya together over a Dr Pepper. If I was going to be less white, then I would prefer to be Richard Pryor so I could crack my own ass up all the time.

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  2. Up until recently, I loved Coke! But no more! I’m disappointed because Coke was my favorite soft drink. It’s sad that our own companies succumb to the whims of the Radical Left, who are still a minority in this country! They’re pretty much giving the bully their lunch money.

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  3. Any corporation that is publicly listed and has large institutional holdings from Goldman Sachs, Blackrock, Vanguard and others are going to be going along with the destroy USA agendas.

    These companies no longer have to sell products or services to survive. Their diluted stock offerings and extended loan covenants are all that is needed to keep stores in business.

    The USA made these companies, however they have been infiltrated. Don’t be mad at the lower level employees or middle managers. Many of them are more upset than the customers, since it is their lively hoods and workforce career identity.


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