Celebrating President Donald J. Trump’s Acquittal on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to President and First Lady Donald and Melania Trump.

Now let’s smile a bit. After what we have been through, we deserve it. Be sure to share the joy and laughter with others. Pass it on.

After Hunter visits Oval Office.

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  1. Yes, Let us rejoice and be happy – the man that stood up to goons has successfully beat them back – for now. But, let us not think that we – decent citizens and this wonderful nation – have won, the real battle is just beginning. I’m not speaking of merely preserving our legacy as Americans, but of rekindling the Spirit of America.

    Watching small recaps of the Impeachment proceedings (I couldn’t bear more than a few moments) and hearing some of the “commentators” on every television station continuing their endless streams of vitriol against not only President Trump but against every American that voted, supported or even those that wouldn’t engage in hatred against him, it really hit me: This will not end unless people of decency put an end to it. What we are seeing is nothing less than the reemergence of the Brown Shirts and the Red Brigades. Both were political pawns of tyrants and both received support from those tyrants for as long as they were useful in solidifying their power. We are no more dealing with rational people than were the ordinary German or Chinese people. We are dealing with power crazed individuals that have mobilized armies of thugs and technology to support their goals and entrench their ideals.

    So, yes, let us celebrate and thank God that Donald Trump escaped this persecution. But, let us also gird ourselves for what will and must follow. May God continue to Bless and Protect America.

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