The Real American Crisis According To Allen West

The Real American Crisis: Executive Power

“Those who would surrender essential liberty for temporary security, will, in the end deserve neither liberty nor security.” — Benjamin Franklin

“When I hear people — even elected officials — say that America is a democracy, I just cringe,” wrote LTC Allen West (Ret.) Chairman, Republican Party of Texas, on Monday, February 1, 2021. “This is a real indicator as to why we need to have civics taught, not just in our schools, but to adults. America is a Constitutional Republic, its fundamentals being the rule of law and individual rights.”

“However, what we are witnessing, at warp speed, is a “fundamental transformation” of America into a constitutional monarchy. Now, you may ask what the difference is? Well, it comes back to our lesson in civics.”

“We have three co-equal branches of government: the legislative, executive, and judicial. If you wish to know the basis for this governmental structure, I suggest you read “The Spirit of the Laws” by French political philosopher, Montesquieu.” 

“In structuring our government — the result of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 — our founding Fathers created this constitutional Republic designing the enumerated duties and powers to each respective branch, legislative being the most powerful. However, there exists a system of checks and balances in order to maintain a “balance of power” between these respective branches. It is different from an Article V Constitution of States.”

“Sadly, the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, by executive order, just eliminated the 1776 Project, basically admitting that he disregards the establishment of these United States of America.”

“That is a very critical decision because the Declaration of Independence establishes the sovereignty of the individual citizen over the institution of government. That incredible document decreed that our unalienable individual rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness do not emanate from man, meaning government. Those rights are endowed to us by our Creator, the Judeo-Christian God.”

“What is happening now is that we have a government, namely the executive branch, using so-called “emergencies” to suspend, supersede, and usurp individual rights. Hence, we find ourselves in a situation where the new president of our Constitutional Republic is not seeking to govern us according to the rule of law, rather he is ruling by Executive Order, 40+ and counting, as of this writing.”

“Executive Orders are not a means to an end to implement an ideological agenda, which should be done by the legislative process. America, or any of our sovereign States, are not to be ruled by order, mandate, edict, or decree, yet this is exactly what is happening.”

“Here is a case in point. Last year, globally, there were some 1.5 million deaths related to COVID-19. Last year, globally, there were over 42 million preborn babies murdered in the womb. What did Joe Biden do? He decided by Executive Order that US taxpayer dollars would go overseas to support countries in continuing the heinous practice of dismembering preborn babies in the womb. The enumerated power of appropriating the tax dollars of US citizens belongs to the legislative branch, that is in Article I of our Constitution, not Article II which enumerates the powers of the executive branch.”



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  1. What are the people to do?

    Is our job limited to voting and peaceful protesting?

    We did vote! Our government and alphabet government made a mockery of it.

    We did peacefully protest! Our government and alphabet government made a mockery of it.

    So what is next? Have we not fulfilled our obligation?

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  2. Thank you, Dave! Your comment is exactly what I was thinking… and have been asking myself since Nov 4! What are we supposed to do? We are supposed to be able to depend on those we elect to represent us… we’re supposed to be able to depend on the judges those representatives appoint to our courts… but it all seems to be working against us… and for what? For the agenda of a few super-rich (fill in your favorite expletive).
    I believe God wants us to turn to HIM, not as our last resort, but as our first solution! We have to pray, pray, and then pray some more! There is power in Prayer!
    Heavenly Father, throughout the Bible you have shown your power in seemingly hopeless situations. You helped David defeat Goliath. You helped Gideon defeat the Midianites. You helped Moses lead the people out of Egypt. You helped Joshua overpower Jericho. You helped the disciples spread the Gospel despite persecution. And I believe you will help us now! I pray that your light would shine on all the evidence of fraud, corruption, theft and perversion that is going on at the highest levels of our society all around the world. I pray that eyes would be opened, hearts would be changed, and more souls will turn to You. I believe you’ve got “good guys” at the heart of this problem working to expose the “bad guys”, and I pray that justice will be served sooner rather than later. You have already conquered sin, death and the devil. You can conquer these fools, and then we will all say we were saved by God, because Heaven knows no one else could have done it! In the name of Jesus, I pray! Amen!!!

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  3. Amen. I agree – our focus should have been on God all along to save our country, and not on man.
    God has a plan that He’s revealing in HIS timing and not ours. Our job is to keep praying and trusting that Truth and justice will prevail.

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  4. I can’t understand why the military doesn’t doesn’t take over and arrest those traitors in office. Didn’t they take an oath to uphold THE CONSTITUTION and protect the USA from enemies FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC?

    Surely something could be set up for the good guys to inact something like what just happened in Burma.

    These people are guilty of HIGH TREASON! How is this being allowed to stand when there’s OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE of criminal activity, high treason, and treasonous theft of a US election!

    How is this being allowed and how can we reward these traitors for committing the most unspeakable amd detestable crimes?

    Please tell me that there’s something going in behind the scenes, something we don’t know about of the media doesn’t know about that is in the process of putting this right again!

    This CANNOT be allowed to stand!

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