How Not to Win the Support of American Patriots

The US Capitol today.
Must have been Dominion counting and taking the Likes away.
Biden is already in Syria.
Born Richard, now Rachel Levine.
Of course the NY Times would say this.
Twitter is petering out.

7 thoughts on “How Not to Win the Support of American Patriots

  1. Unfortunately the socialist, American communist destruction of America has just begun. If/when Kamala worms her way to the big office, things will get so much worse – and very quickly. Prayer and standing strong against the evil is how we can cope.
    Oh, and terms like ‘Liberal Christianity’ are called oxyMORON for good reason.

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  2. President Trump has class. You can’t buy class. The liberal mind doesn’t have care or heart for the American people. President Trump DOES. We are going to be in a glorious time in the very near future and I hope America will remember just how much President Trump has loved us all.

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