The 10 Shameful Republicans Who Voted to Impeach President Trump

Ten Republicans were among those who voted to impeach President Donald Trump for a second time, in a 232–197 vote on Jan. 13.

In arguably the most unjust acts in Congressional history, their single article of impeachment alleged that the president incited an insurrection that resulted in the breach of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

The Republicans who voted to impeach the president were:

Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.),

John Katko (R-N.Y.),

Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.),

Fred Upton (R-Mich.),

Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-Wash.),

Dan Newhouse (R-Wash.), 

Anthony Gonzalez (R-Ohio), 

Tom Rice (R-S.C.),

David Valadao (R-Calif.),

Peter Meijer (R-Mich.)


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19 thoughts on “The 10 Shameful Republicans Who Voted to Impeach President Trump

      1. Part of me can’t let go of the fact that I cannot envision Trump letting the country and the people to go down the toilet under his watch. The man has gonads the size of bowling balls. I think she would rather die then let it happen.

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    1. You know, Ive been Trumps biggest fan, and still am. But any order that is given can be ignored. Of course there are consequences from ignoring an order. The problem Trump is in, he can write orders until he’s blue in the face but they will be ignored. What power does he have for them to be followed right now? Nonee. Zero. Zilch. If the people surrounding Hitler all abandoned him and those with the repsonibility to carry out his orders refused, they are not worth the paper they were written on. I believe that is where this is. The world is turning on Trump. I fear for his livelihood and possibily even his life post Presidency. I dont believe he is responsible for an insurrection and many involved in the capital breach were NOT his supporters. I also cant believe he was stupid enough to say what he said and not expect something like this to happen. If he DID expect it, then this is way beyond my understanding. Whether the Dems stole the election, they now hold ALL of the keys. The will bulldoze the Republicans. Many of them are going to turncoat and just go with the Blue Tide anyway. This is an unbelievable mess and anyone who thinks Trump is not leaving office in 7 days is living a fantasy life.


      1. I get it. But he has a new department of defense. My understanding is other than a few army generals the military is behind Trump. Is this true.? The executive branch can only hold its power as long as the militaryIs under his command.

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  1. Also, does anybody know if this Italian stories are real story? I have seen two or three references today on the story including discussion revolving around the Vatican bank. I can forward a couple audios on it if anybody wants them.

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  2. Deutsche Bank just announced that they are severing all business dealings with Trump. They have been the chief financier of all of his biggest deals going back almost 30 years. It seems this is the tip of the iceberg. I’m anticipating the Senate will impeach him soon after the House vote where 10 Republicans voted for impeachment. This will prohibit him from any further action (i.e. pardons) in his few remaining days. Its so odd that on the righth side of this fence all the predictions have been that all these Dems would be exposed and many go to jail. Looks like that will be the opposite. Future does NOT look good for the Republican Party unless they basically just become Democrats wearing the Red ties. I fear that life post presidency will be horrible for Trump and his wife and immediate family. They will continue to destroy him and anyone closely associated with him. He’s already been tried and convicted of an insurrection and treason without any reasonable investigation, hearing or trial. This is the saddest time in my 64 years on this planet with no end in sight. Come quickly Lord Jesus! In Christ, those of us who Believe will be pulled out of this hell hole.

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    1. I share your beliefs Rick. The New World Order and Democrats are going to make an example out of the Trump family. Greed and corruption will continue to prevail.
      Thank you for your insight and readership.


    2. It looks like Mcconnel Graham and other Republicans participated and took the dirty money to cover up BenGhazi. They’re willing to give up the country to cover their sins. Including, what looks like a purposeful destruction of the Senate.

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