Drums of American Freedom Will be Beating Against Political Corruption, But Support for Trump Jan. 6th

Today, security measures are underway in preparation for the who-knows-how-many American Patriots arriving Wednesday for the March For Trump and other rallies in Washington DC on January 6th.

Portable restrooms along the Mall are being set, but currently cabled and locked, as security dogs sniff for signs of explosives. Large concrete barriers are placed in strategic locations to control crowds and enforce safety.

It’s all usual standard procedures, but this time, no one actually knows how many marchers will be there.


Update: National Guard Requested by DC Mayor

Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington D.C. has officially requested National Guard help for January 5th and 6th:


Some hotels are reporting full capacity. Bus caravans are selling out. Measures are being taken to provide food trucks and water to the masses in order to circumvent District of Columbia restrictions for restaurants due to China Virus concerns.

Organizers for the DC march and peaceful protests at state capitol buildings are spreading “the word to bring a drum and beat the drum during the vote certification for all of Washington DC to hear. If the numbers are large that would certainly make a statement.”

“The nation will be watching. We are going to focus on beating drums while the joint session is in progress,” said Betty Betrall. “The millions of American voters watching the proof being revealed will see a slimy trail of corruption unfold.”

“We are outraged at how our votes for President Trump were criminally erased,” she said. “American Patriots will not stand for this. We stand, march and beat the drums together.”

Congressional phone banks are reporting their mail boxes being over loaded from calls demanding their support against the election fraud and support for the President.

Each day, patriots are increasingly emailing and calling their Congress people to demand the electoral votes from the contested states be rejected, not certified.

“Citizens are unleashing a fierce wave of righteous worthy outrage,” an aide from Senator Ted Cruz’s Austin office said. “We haven’t seen anything like this.”

I have not been able to talk with anyone from the Senator John Cornyn camp, but know tens of thousands of his constituents are concerned for his lack of support for President Trump.


Click here for Peaceful Protest Safety List


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