Human Remains Found at San Antonio, Texas Military Base

In a press release, the Air Force said partial skeletal remains of a human were found on Joint Base San Antonio – Fort Sam Houston (JBSA), Texas on Sunday.

Base patrons found the human remains Sunday evening while walking near Salado Creek, located in the northeast part of the installation.

Salado Creek

There is no present danger to base residents and there are no missing persons cases at this time the release said.

The area has been cordoned off and on Monday personnel with the Air Force’s Office of Special Investigation began investigating the remains and the location they were found.

JBSA officials and OSI personnel are coordinating with local law enforcement officials on the ongoing investigation.

The discovery of these human remains comes a month after two service members were found dead at JBSA in November.

Salado Creek

Stars and Stripes reported Army Spc. Brittany Harris, 35, was found dead at Fort Sam Houston on Nov. 25 and Air Force Airman 1st Class Peter Gonzalez, 21, was found dead at Lackland Air Force Base on Nov. 26. Both of those deaths are under investigation but officials don’t suspect foul play in either case.

JBSA services more Department of Defense (DOD) students than any other installation, more active runways than any other installation, houses the DOD’s largest hospital and only level one trauma center.

They support more than 250,000 personnel, including 425 retired general officers, and interfaces with 1,000 civic leaders of San Antonio, 20 smaller communities, four counties and four Congressional Districts.

Its total plant replacement value is about $10.3 billion with an annual budget of $800 million.

2 thoughts on “Human Remains Found at San Antonio, Texas Military Base

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