Rights to Keep and Bear Arms Under Assault With Communists Biden-Harris

There has never been more of a danger to American citizens’ right to keep and bear arms in our lifetime than now.

President Donald J. Trump has been a strong defender of our Second Amendment promise, but Joe Biden wants to destroy that right to propel the Communist and socialism agenda.

Biden’s 47-year history on guns leaves no doubt as to his position on Americans’ fundamental right to self-defense.

A simple examination of the gun policy page on the Biden campaign’s website revealed he supports every gun control policy imaginable.

He supports banning and confiscating millions of lawfully possessed firearms.

He wants to destroy the American firearms industry by allowing frivolous litigation.

He wants to make it impossible for many gun owners to buy firearm parts.

He wants to create a punitive tax on gun owners.

Just before the 2020 election, Biden doubled down to reiterate his intent to attack law-abiding gun owners if elected.

“While many Americans might expect that our courts would intervene to stop such draconian and unconstitutional policies, Biden has a plan for that too,” states the National Rifle Association-Institute of Legislative Action. “In numerous appearances, Biden and Harris have both refused to reject the idea of packing the United States Supreme Court to ensure that their unconstitutional polices are not struck down.”

“Make no mistake, a plan to pack the Court is a plan to destroy the Second Amendment. The justices that a potential Biden administration would add to the Court would undoubtedly be hostile to the right to keep and bear arms. Biden and Harris have both made their own position on the Second Amendment clear: they don’t believe law-abiding Americans have any right to possess firearms at all.

Read Second Amendment Now

Click here to read the actual words of the Second Amendment as provided in the Bill of Rights. Do not allow the propaganda media, any political party or interest group, or anyone to interpret what our Constitution says.

One thought on “Rights to Keep and Bear Arms Under Assault With Communists Biden-Harris

  1. I.promise you! They will start a WAR! Because the people who show up on our doorsteps to take our guns will DIE! Most citizens will not give up their guns without a fight! It will be a bloodbath! I damn guarantee it.

    Americans are already pissed! Don’t push it, Biden!

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