Antifa Attackers Run Away From Proud Boys in D.C.

Marching against the Supreme Court’s inaction, patriots sang the National Anthem.

Antifa gangsters attempting more attacks and destruction in Washington DC during a “Stop The Steal” pro-America march on Saturday, December 12, 2020, “bit off more than they could chew,” said a Texas member of the international fraternal organization, Proud Boys.

Video screenshot in DC.

A group of Proud Boys, from their Maryland-DC Chapter, came to the rescue and rid the DC streets of the liberal Marxist gang members.

While the George Soros left media portrays the Proud Boys as a “far-right neo-fascist organization,” members from an Austin, Texas Chapter indicate that is “typical liberal media bullsh*t.”

“We promote and defend conservatism,” one member said. “Hell, we are not much different than your typical charitable motorcycle organization. We help America and Western values.”

“We even do things like collect toys and clothes for needy children,” another team member offered. “When we have disasters like Hurricane Harvey or floods, you’ll see us out with boats and rescue gear helping people.”

“But the media, under the control of China and Soros, say we are things we are not and WITHOUT EVIDENCE,” mocking the latest mainstream media mantra continuously repeated that there is “no evidence of election fraud.”

Marchers in DC.

“We heard directly from our brothers who were there (in DC) that Antifa were out threatening tourists and marchers trying to get back to their cars and hotels. They were there to protect and rescue them.”

“They said when they saw how those Antifa–by the way, it was Antifa, but newsbutts are trying to say it was Black Lives Matter to get some kind of sympathy or something, but it was Antifa, and they were hurting innocent people, just like they did last time. The chickensh*ts wait until most people leave and at night to attack, but our brothers were there to meet them this time.”

News outlets are reporting at least four stabbings and over 20 arrests were made in DC, but it was unclear who and for what.

“It does not matter what the news says to us anymore because they always lie, but the good people, the families and friends who are there know what really happens.”

Proud Boys website.

“Why do you think they always praise us and shake our hands at these things? It’s because they know the police is not going to protect them and back down because their mayor tells them to.”

“Washington’s mayor is just like (Austin mayor Rob) Adler here,” another explained. “They’re playing their games with their police forces and putting people in danger.”

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