More Dead People Who Voted in Georgia Ballots Found

Voter records show someone used the identity of Mrs. Deborah Jean Christiansen of Roswell, Georgia to vote in the November election, even though Mrs. Christiansen passed away in May 2019. 

Further, someone registered Christiansen to vote on October 5, the day of the deadline to register, more than a year after she passed away. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ran an obituary announcing Christiansen’s death at the time of her passing.

Someone used the identity of James Blalock of Covington, Georgia to cast a ballot in the November election, even though Blalock died in 2006. Blalock’s death notice ran in the Journal-Constitution shortly after he passed away that year.

Linda Kesler of Nicholson, Georgia died in 2003, but someone cast a ballot under her identity in the election. Nicholson’s death notice ran in the Journal-Constitution when she passed away.

Edward Skwiot of Trenton, Georgia is shown as having cast a ballot in November 2020, even though he died in 2015. The Chattanooga Times Free Press ran a death notice in April of that year.

These victims of voter fraud deserve justice, and legal voters should be able to have confidence that their votes are not rendered meaningless due to illegally cast votes.

11 thoughts on “More Dead People Who Voted in Georgia Ballots Found

  1. I did see the current discussions of Michigan and Pennsylvania with rock to vote having access to voter registration’s supplied by their states Secretary of State

    Did the same thing happened in Georgia

    Recall the story from August September with Stacey Abrams being upset that people were receiving fake absentee ballot applications

    They were sent out by a non profit in Des Moines Iowa. The owner of this nonprofit also owns a large printing business and has offices in Washington DC and advertises that he does much political printing

    Was there ever an investigation on sending out these fake absentee ballot applications and where did they receive the addresses and who paid for everything

    My instances Stacy Abrams was diverted attention as opposed to really being upset. maybe the application wasn’t proofread and there was an error?

    I can dig up the article again if you need it.

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    1. Would love it. If you can’t link it on a comment, giving me names or the printing business would be helpful. I appreciate this. Tips like this are awesome and I can usually get as a minimum of 240,000 to read it initially (not including shares to second, third and so on generations of readers).

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      1. Unexpected ballot mailers raise questions in Georgia

        Outside groups send absentee ballot applications to Georgia voters

        Voters find unexpected return addresses on Georgia absentee ballots

        Author: Doug Richards
        Published: 5:56 PM EDT August 3, 2020
        Updated: 6:50 PM EDT August 3, 2020
        ATLANTA — Although Georgia stopped sending out unsolicited absentee ballot applications, some voters are still getting such applications from outside groups, raising questions about their legitimacy.
        State data shows absentee balloting in the August runoff has been twice as popular as early in-person voting – easily explained by the pandemic.
        Stacey Goldstein says she had pondered voting absentee, and was surprised by a piece of mail she got that contained an absentee ballot application. The application came out of the blue, with an Iowa return address.
        “It just seemed weird. And there was nothing official about it, so I was wondering why I received that, because I didn’t request it,” Goldstein said Monday.
        Inside the envelope, Goldstein found an absentee ballot application that’s almost identical to the one on the Georgia Secretary of State’s website. The return address was The Patriots Foundation, described on the internet as a conservative watchdog group.
        A spokesman for the Patriots Foundation, Craig Robinson, told us by email: “The Patriots Foundation is conducting a non-partisan voter turnout effort in various states around the country. We encourage all voters who are eligible to exercise their right to vote, and if they are permitted to vote by mail to consider doing so.”
        The mailing envelope accompanying the application was the legit Cobb County election office. That makes this mailer credible, says Gabe Sterling of the Secretary of State’s office.
        “Make sure the address is going to your county and not to the third party organization,” Sterling said. “Because a lot of times they will say, send us the application, and they will take all your information” without necessarily forwarding it.
        Because the state isn’t sending out unsolicited absentee ballot applications this summer, it’s leaving a void for groups like the Patriots Foundation, and others.
        Sterling says state officials expect numerous political groups to send out absentee applications, to drive up voter turnout for their candidates.
        Although her ballot looked legit enough, Goldstein says her five by eight inch application was almost too small to fill out. “I think now I’m going to request an official ballot,” she said.
        This will be a much bigger issue this fall, when turnout for the presidential election is expected to be way higher than in next week’s primary runoff.
        Voters who get unofficial applications might want to click the link to the Secretary of State’s website, where they’ll find links to the official absentee ballot application, to make a comparison.
        Or they could just use the official application.

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      2. Found this

        am a recipient of one of those vote-by-mail letters (“Mailer causes confusion,” The Billings Gazette, Aug. 3, 2020). Since I am already signed up for mail-in voting I thought I’d do a little research on the Patriots Foundation of Urbandale, Iowa. Since nowhere in their letter did they mention their political affiliation, I thought it might be interesting.

        First of all, they are not associated with The Patriots Foundation that honors soldiers in the U.S. Army. The Iowa ones says that they are government watchdogs and promote open and transparent government, but still made no mention of political party affiliation. A few minutes on the internet revealed that the email address of its president, Craig Robinson, is and that another entity at their street address is

        It only leaves me with yet another question: Why didn’t they mention their party affiliation in their letter if they are truly promoting openness and transparency? Are they trying to hide something from the folks that they are encouraging to vote by mail? I wonder.

        Victor D. Herman

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  2. Sidebar

    Team Trump has identified over 140,000 ballots that were fraud or illegal ( and counting ). It’s hard to grasp this number and bring it into focus to drive home the point on the extreme level of corruption. 140,000 is just a number on a piece of paper.

    One needs to illustrate this for ‘emotional pull’. If you lined up all the people single file ( with social distancing ) the line would be greater than 160 miles of voters long. One could drive for hours along the lines b4 getting to the end of the line.

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      1. Please use. There needs to be a shift in description to bring emotional pull into discussion. Emotion is what drives home a point in today’s world. Watch commercials :). Can’t just tell facts to sell a concept or product. It isn’t sensational enough

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