George Soros and China’s Active Plan to Use Biden-Harris to Take Over America is Now Exposed

George Soros and his Open Society  fellow Democracy Alliance billion-millionaire partners directly funded the corrupt campaign of Joe Biden and the Democrats more than any other entities.

He is the largest single contributor to Antifa, Black Lives Matter and District Attorneys across the United States. He literally controls many Democrat and Republican politicians. His tentacles even reach some liberal minded judges.

Soros alone spent millions in tipping point swing states in an attempt prevent President Donald J. Trump’s reelection. Things didn’t work out on election night and “Plan B” was sloppily enacted: bring in the manufactured votes, count ballots multiple times and destroy Trump ballots.

It was Soros’ son Alex Soros who met with and selected Kamala Harris to be Biden’s running mate last summer.

This week, George Soros appointed Mark Malloch-Brown, the chairman of SGO, which owns the Smartmatic voting software company, to be the new president of his global Open Society Foundations.

The plan is to use the United Nations to pressure the United States into a New World Order to be controlled by Communist China as the supreme controlling country on Earth. We saw evidence of it during the Obama-Biden Administration. Both of their families and associates became directly and indirectly rich because of it.

From Wikipedia

Soros and Malloch-Brown have been successful in turning around numerous European and African countries by stealing elections, financing military type uprisings and buying political control.

According to attorney Sidney Powell, via her lawsuits, Smartmatic is the other company, with Dominion Voter Systems, used to perpetuate the  massive and treasonous voter fraud of the 2020 election.

Malloch-Brown was a former UN secretary-general and United Kingdom minister. Currently on Soros’ Foundations’ Global Board, he takes over as chairman on January 1, 2020.

Many of Soros’ picked disciples are finding their way on Biden’s planned White House Administration.

Hillary Clinton and Neera Tanden

Neera Tanden, a radical leftist over Soros-funded Center of American Progress, is Biden’s nominee for the White House Office of Management and Budget.

“They think this is their moment. George Soros and his colleagues who have broken many countries around the world . . . are now instituting a revolution here in the United States,” wrote  Richard Poe, co-author with David Horowitz of The Shadow Party, an in-depth examination of Soros’ far-reaching influence. “And they believe that it can work this time. This is their big moment to overthrow our lawful government, to destroy our culture, to destroy our customs, to destroy our Constitution, to destroy our people, to destroy everything that is important in our lives.”

Poe warned BEFORE the 2020 election what Soros and Open Society planned to do when he said Soros “has a whole crack team of experts, the top experts in the world…. And they are absolutely trying to steal this election.”

Having used mass protests, even mob violence, to force regime change overseas, Soros is obsessed with destroying the United States.

“I believe in the values of an open society,” the ultra-rich Leftist said in 2003.

Hillary Clinton’s mentor and Barack Obama’s hero, Saul Alinsky wrote a book, the origins of today’s Democratic playbook, in which he said:

“The very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”

The Silent Majority cannot be silent anymore. Patriotic Americans not only have inalienable rights, we have the solemn duty to protect those rights.

Our natural rights and freedoms are guaranteed and recognized by the American Constitution, and the government cannot violate them under any circumstances. 

For More Information…

Read about the $400 million dollars sent to Dominion before the election by the Chinese Communist Party by clicking here.

Read about Nancy Pelosi’s dangerous ties to Communist China here.

19 thoughts on “George Soros and China’s Active Plan to Use Biden-Harris to Take Over America is Now Exposed

  1. I am asking the obvious, why can’t our government get this devil? Everyone knows what he is up to, what he has done and what he is doing now, but nothing happens. Sort of like letting Hitler walk around town signing autographs.

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  2. Hi there from UK
    George Frederick Soros a.k.a. György Frederick Schwartz, more likely György Friedrich Schwartz.

    It helps to know thine enemy and his name identifies him and his character.

    György – ‘Morning George’ in my family meant having a crap or shit – I don’t know why. Still, suitable for Gyorgy. As far as I am concerned he is Satan, once a morning star, but now a shit, a morning shit.

    Friedrich – Rich, well he is that. But Rich can be short for Richard or shortened again to Dick. And we know what dick can be. Like a sausage which is a fried dick if you see what I mean.

    Schwartz – In German this means black. As Satan, he is the old black as well as the new. The real black of the black and white movement, the black being the evil angels and the white the good angels, includes us who fight against the black forces of any skin colour.

    Schwartz also sounds like ’farts’.

    Put this all together you get ‘morning shit fried dick black farts’ which sums him up.

    Try anagrams.

    György – includes gory, bloody, bloody wars. Grog, type of rum to make one drunk and not think straight. Gyro like the cheque in UK which unemployed have to survive on. Orgy, like his promotion of perverted sex.

    Friedrich – includes chirred, a harsh trilling sound. Deific, tending to make divine. Dreich, the kingdom of D, i.e. Germany, currently the 4th Reich, one of three main groups behind all the nonsense..

    Schwartz – numerous words include warts, tsar or tzar, wrath, crash, thraws (to twist or turn in Scotland) etc etc.

    The heavenly Father knows his game, and the angels seen and unseen are working hard. He will not win. Period.

    György Friedrich Schwartz is one of the several meanings of 666 or six six six. Really sex sex sex in Latin. All about sex. Explains it all.

    The pot is boiling and the scum is coming to the top and will be skimmed off and burnt as worthless.

    Do pass on, people need to know. As Jesus said ‘The truth will set you free’.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

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    1. Hello Alphaandomega21, Thanks. I’m aware of the deceit of Soro’s. He is against EVERYTHING America. His world goal is NWO. Which won’t work unless America is part of it. Your message reminded me of another outline to destroy America. Thanks



      I have no idea what Donald Trump will do as president except that, in general, he will tear down the insidious, liberty-sapping globalist infrastructure put in place by globalists on both the left and right. We all know the story of putting a live frog in a pot of cold water and slowly heating the pot until the frog, not realizing he is being boiled, is cooked.

      Over the past 50 years, globalists of both parties, have been slow cooking the American frog. Who are globalists? They are people who believe that the world is, with technology, becoming increasingly smaller. Consequently, they believe in the ever increasing consolidation of governing power in fewer and fewer hands. They are the same people who, in the United States have turned the government on its head, taking governing power from the states whenever possible and vesting it in the federal government.

      They are people who would take power from Congress and vest it in the President thus taking power from the people. They are the people who, as in Europe, believe that sovereign governments like Italy, Greece, Portugal, and Germany should cede their governing power to a more centralized government, like the EU in Brussels. They are people who believe that sovereign government and governments like the EU should then cede their power to the United Nations. Slowly, over 50 years, the world has been moving in these directions.

      Their ultimate goal is to take power from the many and invest it in a few, chosen from among the elite who, they believe, know better how the world should be. They have achieved their goals through a reasonable first step, open trade among sovereign nations. But once borders are open for trade, they advance their agenda through increasingly open borders for migration and population redistribution.

      They use agendas like climate change and sustainability to redistribute the wealth of nations and to control their economies. They control the language people are permitted to use so that certain concepts and issues cannot reasonably be addressed. They impose regulations that deny individual freedom under the notion of the “common good”. They overturn the rule of law and attempt to establish in its place “social justice”. They take religious conviction out of the public square and replace it with moral relativism and situational ethics. They have translated equality of opportunity into equality of outcome. They have reconfigured the spiritual equality of human beings with material equality of possessions. They have changed the notion of individual responsibility into group responsibility. And they have confused discrimination with being discriminating. For 50 years, these changes have slowly been boiling the American frog.

      Now Donald Trump has upset the apple cart. And he is being vilified with every action he takes and every word he speaks. He is in a fight before he even becomes president. But this political fight is not a fight between Republicans and Democrats nor a fight between the Establishment and the Forgotten Man, nor any of the other media-created divisions asserted by pundits. The fear and outrage we are witnessing toward Trump is precisely because he has pledged to tear down the globalist infrastructure. You can’t blame younger people, for example, for being upset. It’s all they have known and been taught. They have no idea how the globalist agenda has weakened the United States in order to make her equal of other nations.

      They know are now being told that the rules under which they have operated for most of their politically conscious lives might be over-turned. It is exactly the way most older Americans felt as Obama spent the last 8 years making everything seem upside down to us. The difference is that we older folks have lived under both systems and know the difference. We understood because we lived witness to the heat being turned up on the kettle. We felt the water beginning to boil. And, instead of being comforted and lulled to sleep by the warming water, we remembered how cool and refreshing was the pond water that allowed us greater freedom. And we jumped out. We jumped with Trump.

      So, Trump’s poll numbers will be low because globalists, foreign and domestic, are aligned against him. They see 50 years of “slow boiling the frog” about to be over-turned. The frogs are trying to escape the pot. They see freedom and business-killing regulation…gone, a failing, socialist healthcare system…repealed, religious freedom and religion itself…restored, the international globalist world order…redefined, national sovereignty taken from the hands of international bodies like the United Nations, and national borders restored and immigration laws enforced, thereby destroying the George Soros funded open borders that are the very foundation of their globalist agenda.

      These things and more threaten the very existence of the globalist worldview. They will bring about change that will be resisted mightily by the very people who have imposed tremendous change on the United States in recent years. They will attempt, as they have already, to delegitimize Trump, to frighten the uninformed with visions of Hitler and fascism, to tell people that they will be oppressed by a dictator. They will try to further divide the nation by race, gender, age sexual orientation, suggesting they will all be harmed by this president. In effect, they are telling the frogs not to jump out of the kettle where it is warm and comfortable and where we are all in it together. “Don’t jump out into that cold cruel world where there are snakes that can eat you up. Beware the snakes. Stay in here where you are nice and comfortable and where WE will protect you from the snakes. Perhaps they are correct that it is safer in the pot for now but I have no doubt that in the long run, we will be “cooked”.

      I for one, am jumping out. In the near future, there will be an obstruction and a concerted effort by globalists of both parties to undermine the new administration because their plan, at least temporarily, has been derailed. Against this desperation-driven fear and anger, I hope and pray Trump can prevail. But I certainly don’t expect if he does, that it will be with any cooperation from those who oppose him because they operate on the false belief that they will lose more than they will gain. Those who seek to take power from the people and consolidate it in the hands of the few are frustrated at this point in history. The people who have been taught that the globalist agenda is best for everyone do not recognize that what is best for everyone is good for no one. After the past 50 years of being the frog getting slowly boiled in the pot of globalism, you can’t really blame them. Trump is taking them and the nation out of the pot. The only thing that will change their mind is if they see that being taken out of the pot didn’t deprive them of a nice warm home but actually saved their lives.

      No truer words were ever spoken. This describes exactly what has happened to America.

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  3. We Patriots have to stand TOGETHER, FIGHT TOGETHER, PRAY TOGETHER, BACK any further future efforts of President Donald J Trump TOGETHER. HE FOUGHT this war against a MONSTER out there, and was given little support. We NEED to come TOGETHER AND BE READY to FIGHT to KEEP AMERICA FREE!!

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  4. The Military’s knows, Don’t underestimate them, When the time comes they will be on our side. Soros is evil always has been, The silent majority is waiting for the right time as we all should, When they come for our gun’s then we will have probable cause to fight and unite and we will win. The problem is if we start fighting now we look like the bad guys which will give them cause to take our guns. You see we have to be smarter than our enemy. Remember keep your friends close but keep your enemy closer.

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