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Accurate Election Fraud Analysis Says Trump Reelection Probabilities Are High

The chances of President Donald J. Trump winning reelection to the  presidency are excellent if he wins two of the three states: Pennsylvania, Michigan or Georgia.

This is according to Richard Charnin, an election fraud analyzer.

“Trump lawyer Sydney Powell said that Trump had at least 80 million votes, exactly matching the True Vote Model,” Charnin wrote. “The TVM indicates that Trump won by 80.6-71.2 million votes (52.3-46.2%) and had 368 Electoral Votes. The election is the most fraudulent in history. The massive voting irregularities are all in one direction- against Trump.”

Charnin’s TVM forecasted the Electoral Vote accurately in the three preceding presidential election to 2020.

Prior to Election Day, Charnin updated his National True Vote Model (TVM) to include the 2016 election.

“The model calculates an estimated True Vote for every election since 1968,” Charnin explained. “Only two inputs are required: the election year and the calculation method. These deceptively simple inputs produce a wealth of information and insight.”

TVM indicated a Trump victory with 10% of Democrats, 95% of Republicans and 52% of Independents.

The result was President Trump winning by 9.3 million votes (52.3-46.2%) and having at least 368 Electoral Votes.

He noted that the “2016 National Exit Poll recorded shares understated Trump’s True Vote shares. The 2016 election was fraudulent. Clinton’s popular vote was inflated. She did not win the True popular vote.”

His analysis and computations indicate Trump had at least 8% to 10% of Democrats votes because of gains in Hispanic and Black voters. More Republicans voted for him than in 2016 “due to an energized base.”

Independents were from 46-42% in 2016 to 52-45% in 2020 primarily due to the decline in third party votes from 6% to 2%.

In May 2018 Chanin corrected fallacies and provided verified data indicating Hillary Clinton’s “internal polls probably showed her losing.Trump internal polls probably showed him winning. He warned about a rigged election in the debates and said he might contest if he lost. Clinton ridiculed Trump for bringing up election fraud. She said we must trust the final result while cheating in the debates (Donna Brazile).”

As of November 28, 2020 Chanin maintains the probabilities of a Trump inauguration in January is high.

He said Trump needs two of Pennsylvania, Michigan or Georgia, plus one of Arizona, Nevada or Wisconsin.

Given the probability of 50% that Trump could win each in Michigan, Arizona, Nevada and Wisonsin, he has a 93.75% chance of winning at least one of those states and the presidency.

The same probability applies if Trump wins Pennsylvania and Michigan or Michigan and Georgia.

In a second scenario, if Trump wins Pennsylvania and Georgia and has a 33% probability of winning ANY ONE of the other four states. The probability that he will LOSE ALL 4 states is 19.7%.

Therefore the probability that Trump will win at least another state and the presidency is 80.3%.

The same probability applies if Trump wins Pennsylvania and Michigan or Michigan and Georgia.

Chanin’s Books include:
Trump Won the True Vote: Polling Anomalies, Democratic Defections, Independents and Late Undecided Voters
77 Billion to One: 2016 Election Fraud
Matrix of Deceit: Forcing Pre-election and Exit Polls to Match Fraudulent Vote Counts
Proving Election Fraud: Phantom Voters, Uncounted Votes and the National Exit Poll
Reclaiming Science: The JFK Conspiracy

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  1. Trump will win, it’s destiny. He isn’t finished draining the swamp. I pray to God to keep him, his family and friends and all stepping up to help him, to keep them safe. AMEN


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