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San Antonio Mayor Emulates NY, CA With Restrictive Pandemic Mandates

From David Moore of Unite San Antonio:

“With the coming holidays, San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg has stepped up his efforts to create fear, and in turn control the general public’s movements and social activity through the end of the year, most notable the recent city-wide public service announcement to avoid Thanksgiving gatherings.”

Here are other requirements of the Nirenberg’s emergency declaration: Short list.

  1. Term of restrictions “indefinite”
  2. All individuals over the age of 10 must wear mask
  3. Businesses must require employees, patron, and visitors, to wear mask.
  4. Businesses should establish temperature checks and health screen programs
  5. Closure of bars
  6. Restaurants allowed open are those with alcohol sales of less than 51% and have social distancing seating and patron must be seated, limited to 75% occupancy.
  7. Outdoor gathering restricted to less than 10 people.
  8. Family gathering restricted to less than 10 people.
  9. Punishable by fines from $250 to $1000 dollars.

“This is but a short list of an excessive emergency declaration by Nirenberg, that establishes control over private business and dictates which are allowed to operate, and dictates our daily activities and lives.”

“This is an example of a totalitarian government, and it’s time to stand against Nirenberg, (Judge Nelson) Wolff and those that seek to deny us our civil liberties and way of life.”

“In the 60’s they called it passive civil disobedience, so this Thanksgiving, celebrate with your family, your entire family. Gather together, share the fellowship, the love of life and each other.

“Note: Typing Covid-19 alerts FB to your posting, and results in fact check and propaganda laced Covid-19 updates. Instead of typing Covid-19, use the wording Corona virus or SARS. This circumvents FB’s algorithm searching for Covid-19.”

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  1. Anyone hear Biden had suspected stroke during talk this wkend. Handlers rushed up and walked him out. My accountant said this happened. But today there is nothing on the web discussing.

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