‘Hunter Biden Type Deals’ Used to Place Cheating Voting Systems in Swing States

The contrast is amazing.

Today over one million American patriots for President Donald Trump are singing the national anthem in the streets of Washington D.C.

Marching to Supreme Court.

They are showing the world what a peaceful protest actually is. There has been no looting, destruction, arson or attacks.

What this reveals is a decision each citizen has to make individually.  But it looks like the courts will soon determine the future of our constitution, freedoms and country.

Overwhelming evidence is coming forth to prove Deep State operatives, Democrat politicians and China have worked for four years to topple Donald J. Trump’s presidency.

Consistently failing, the ramifications of their attempt to steal the 2020 Election is showing illegal activities far more sinister than millions of Americans could have ever imagined.

The following is a succinct recap of what is developing.

Deep State criminals tweaked voting machine software to switch Trump votes to Biden to create the illusion of a Democrat victory.

A forensic analysis of engineers and software experts, in just one Michigan examination, revealed tens of thousands–perhaps millions–of votes were switched from Trump to Biden late into election night.

These same voting machines and their software were used through all the swing states.

Attorney Sidney Powell will be exposing “Hunter Biden type deals” used to pay Democratic Governors, Attorney Generals, politicians, election officials and their family members in exchange for using these computer and software systems.

George Soros and China are involved.

This system originated to steal elections in Venezuela, Cuba and other countries. It may have been used to secure Barack Obama’s second term.

In 2020, the Democratic shell game of cheating went into overdrive, because:

1.) they underestimated the amount of manufactured and “switched” votes needed in the 2016 election.

2.) their internal polling indicated Trump was winning 2020 by a landslide. He actually did.

3.) “More hands needed to be greased” to spread the ballot manipulation.

The United States may be headed for a constitutional crisis if this massive fraud is accepted by the courts.

The Michigan voting analysis of just the four largest counties was disturbing. It revealed startling patterns that proved an inserted algorithm switched votes from the Trump tally to the Biden column.

The greater the voting support for Trump and Republicans, the more votes were switched to Biden.

A key part of the Democratic cheat plan was to target the strongest Republican precincts where they knew Trump would win. The voting patterns revealed the cheating. Slices of Trump votes were stacked and distributed into Biden’s deck through the software manipulation.

The fraud was easy to implement because, astoundingly, the voting machine software, since 2001, has included a “weighted race” feature.

For this feature to be in the package, financial “incentives” were provided to election decision makers–possibly on both sides of the aisle in some states.
This “weighted race” feature allows votes to be skewed to one candidate or another, depending on the software settings.

The courts will soon have to decide the legalities of these machines because they take images of each vote. These images generates the vote tally.

Since the election, and contrary to federal law, Michigan officials have been busy deleting the images. 

This prevents any meaningful audit, other than using the paper votes which is barely practicable.

This is why the forensic examinations will be critical to prove statistical impossibilites and fraud.

A good way to identify who is cheating (Democrats and Republicans) is by seeing who will be fighting against LEGAL voting counts and forensic examinations.

The analysis so far have shown algorithm’s and vote switching impact on the vote tallys as screaming “fraud from the rooftops.”

“Where a precinct is heavily Democrat, the conspirators didn’t bother to switch Trump votes so the trend starts at flat,” one expert said. “As precincts on the chart are mapped progressively more Republican, the trend abruptly goes on its downward slope, with Republican voters seeming to increasingly favor Party over Trump. That’s thanks to the secret switching.”

For years Americans have experienced repeated voter fraud warnings that have been ignored or suppressed. We are beginning to understand the magnitude and why this is occurring.

It has taken the presidency of Donald Trump, the corruption of the owned media and the 2020 election to take us through this likely constitutional crisis to show how daring these “enemies of the people” have become.

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