Is Media Hiding the Shocking Biden, Communist China and Pennsylvania Connection?

Here is a story mainstream media has failed to cover regarding Joe Biden, Pennsylvania and China.

A good question for U.S. Attorney General William Barr would be:

“What is the status of the Department of Justice’s investigation into a connection between Joe Biden and China regarding at least $70 million in donations to the former Vice President’s foundation?

Highly reminiscent of Clinton Foundation trickery, the Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement is the appropriate name to represent the Democratic candidate’s suspicious relationship with the Chinese Communist Party.

In May, 2020, the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC), a nonprofit public interest organization, filed a complaint with the Department of Education because of the “Penn Biden Center.”

The University of Pennsylvania failed to disclose the source of millions of dollars of donations from China since 2013 to the university and its Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement as required by law.

“Since 2017 alone, when the Biden Center opened and after Joe Biden announced he was running for President in April 2018, the university received over $70 million from China, of which $22 million were listed as ‘Anonymous’,” a report from NLPC stated.

“Federal law requires the disclosure of the source of all donations over $250,000.  The complaint also requests referral to the Department of Justice to file an enforcement action seeking compliance and to recoup all the costs of the investigation.”

The original complaint noted that the “Biden Center co-sponsored the 2020 Penn China Research Symposium on January 31, 2020,that included opening remarks by Ambassador Huang Ping, Consul-General of the People’s Republic of China in New York, amid the coverup by China of the pandemic of the coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China.”

“It is apparent that the Biden Center is beholden to China for its operations,” said Peter Flaherty, Chair of NLPC.  “This has an insidious affect on shaping the programs it produces.”

“These multi-million dollar donations from China are bad enough,” said Paul Kamenar, counsel for NLPC, “but the flagrant reporting violations over the years are simply outrageous.”

Joe and Hunter Biden

“Why aren’t you releasing this information so we can see who these Chinese sources are and how much money is being funneled to the Biden Center?” Kamenar asked. “You have to scratch your head and say, ‘What’s going on here?’ Millions of dollars are being funneled to the Biden Center and you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to find out that the Biden Center isn’t making its money off bake sales.”

Sen. Ron Johnson, chair of the Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, insists Biden has continuously lied about his ties with China.

Within two weeks of Hunter Biden accompanying his father to China, he had a multimillion dollar deal in hand.

Biden “has been caught in repeated lies over Biden, Inc.,” Johnson said after the final Presidential Debate in October.

“My son has not made money in terms of this thing about, what you are talking about, China,” Biden told America.

“The vice president is lying again,” Johnson said.

Popular Social Media meme.

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7 thoughts on “Is Media Hiding the Shocking Biden, Communist China and Pennsylvania Connection?

  1. Not a good enough excuse – Barr, Durham, et. al.’waiting to find out what happens in the election’. If it was our President they were investigating, they’d be all over him like a cheap shirt! A Biden shakedown is waaay overdue and it’s time for the American Justice system to grow some gonads. As former VP Biden is so fond of saying . . .’Come on!!’

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  2. What has happened to the information turned in as proof of Joe Biden and his son and brother involved in treason against the U.S. what is William Barr doing? Where ate Barr and Durham on this case as well as all the rest of those who falsely accused our president??

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  3. EVerything we are seeing is just proof of how DEEP the DEEP STATE is. It transcends politicians and goes into every agency in the fed govt not to mention all the way to local levels. The MSM is their blowtorch and Gates, Bezos, Suckerberg, Dorsey, Buffett, Soros are the chief funders. Those 6 guys I mentioned could very well be the ones coordinating the new one world order on behalf of the US. Biden is just a stooge, a well paid stooge, and Kamala is along for teh ride to do as much damage as she can to this country. Will we ever see these people brought to justic? NO. Because they are too powerful. They own our governments at everfy level, with a few exceptions. We need a… miracle

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