What in the Hell Happened to Fox News?

Apparently I wasn’t the only one stunned at so called “reporters” during the press conference with Republican Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and a GOP attorney in Philadelphia this afternoon.

“The enormity of what’s happening in media cannot be ignored,” tweeted Jenna Ellis, a constitutional law attorney. “If an attorney held a press conference and said she has evidence exonerating her client, the press should NOT cut away and substitute its own judgment, claiming no proof. That’s acting as a party in interest, not press.”

Perhaps conservative actor and certified genius James Woods explained it best:

“But they aren’t the press,” Woods posted in response. “They don’t even pretend anymore. They’ve become the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz. They exist solely to protect and serve the Democratic Party.”

Woods followed up with this comment:

“Tens of millions of Americans are stunned right now, and most certainly not by this “loss.” We are sickened that our fellow Americans don’t care to question the obvious, disgusted that the press is silent and decidedly lacking in curiosity, and certain that it will happen again.”

Fox News, cut the conference off early. Begging the question of the day, “what the hell is going on with Fox?”

The once conservative news outlet recorded, for the first time in years, viewing numbers less than their major competitors.

On November 6th, Fox had 2,266,000 viewers. CNN had 4,009,000 viewers. MSNBC counted 2,983,000 viewers.

Fox ignored an earlier interview with attorney Sidney Powell, when she announced 450,000 late ballots appeared and all were cast for Joe Biden.

The Republican Attorney Generals Association announced AGs Jeff Landry (LA), Daniel Cameron (KY) Eric Schmitt (MO) and Mike Hunter (OK) have brought ‘major’ legal action in the Pennsylvania mail-in ballot challenge case today. Fox virtually ignored it.

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  1. I noticed that Fox News turned to crap at least 4 years ago; squishy crap, but crap nevertheless when you didn’t understand that the talking points for “news” comes from around 6 organizations. Why do you think President Trump has been calling out the “news” since day 1? It’s all fake/ manipulations. Fox was no exception, but they stayed relatively “conservative” as long as they deemed necessary. They pulled their mask off on election night. Even my mom, whom I have been trying to get to turn them off, is done! (Super happy!) Sad, though, for the good people there. They will lose their ratings, too. Americans are pissed off.

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  2. Newsmax, OANN- excellent for cable. ConservativeTreehouse, GatewayPundit- for Blogs…

    WordPress has made new friends of mine (Thank you, Jack & Dodie)… There are many alternatives to what we’ve become accustomed to! Social media has never been on my list. I wouldn’t be opposed to listing a Democrap site or two for their take, but I prefer to stick with fact and reality for information.

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  3. You bet! The Last Refuge (ConservativeTreehouse) has been my go to for political (Trump) news. If you aren’t familiar, which I hope you are, you have missed tons of important, in-depth, verifiable, news regarding the massive corruption in our government, over all. I’m grateful to have discovered them 5 years ago.

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    • I love the Treehouse. I discovered the site during the Obama years. I’m anxiously awaiting word on where CTH is moving now that WP has deplatformed them. Disappointing to say the least!! I have a couple of simple blogs that I started years ago, choosing WP instead of Blogger because I didn’t trust Google. Now WordPress…beyond disappointing.

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        • Just so you are aware… And maybe you sent the link to me, but it doesn’t show up on this thread. You “replied” with a link to buy the domain for “Legitnews.com” for $5,000 after my, “I hate WP comment.” They might be starting to mess with you, if you didn’t send it. FYI.

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      • I hate WordPress! Until not too long ago I could comment on CTH without being signed in, by using handle & email address. I didn’t have a “like” button, but that was fine. I like to be able to scroll through the comments on the main page, which is a nightmare on WP. One good thing is finding new, like-minded bloggers here, but I would suspect time may be limited for those who value free speech or are conservative. A shame! All things happen for a reason, though!

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  4. Fox News was a credible organization.When it called Arizona a winner for Biden on election night that ended.I am done with them allowing Democrats to run the show. I will not watch Fox again .In this country no news is now fair and balanced. Newspapers the same way.Fox is now CNN #2.

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  5. Fox news was bought by the Left about a year ago. And from what I heard on OAN, Fox is in a lot of trouble because of this fiasco. Dan Ball at OAN personally thanked Fox for doing what they did because it only means OAN gets that many more viewers after Conservatives ditch Fox! Fox’s ratings will soon be in the toilet just like CNN’s!

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  6. FOX news died in my home the other night. I placed the corpse in the receptacle containing the MSM, NBA, MLB and NFL.
    A man has to do what a man has to do.

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  7. I agree. I’ve been a loyal Fox watcher for 30 years….. Thank GOD for Newsmax and OAN. I hope they feel this in their heads, hearts, AND pocketbooks!!! M A G A!!

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  8. Thank God for people like Sidney Powell .
    Forget the traitors at Fox News , what will they champion now?
    They had a winner until things looked bad for him and then they slunk away!

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