While Biden Hides Behind Lies and Shame, Americans Vote

Probably one of the stupidest political arguments right now is “200,000 have died from Corona because of Trump” coupled with “We (Biden/Harris) have a plan to deal with Corona.”

We get it at the debates and in the commercials.

No. They are big lies Joe!

First, if you have this miracle plan, why the hell have you not implemented it?

Senator Kamala Harris, it’s your duty to present and pass laws.

Joe Biden, your party has control of the House of Representatives where all the money gets spent. Why have you not passed and funded this miracle plan months ago?

Why do we have to wait and see who wins the election and you all get your butts back in Washington in January?

Seems like if what you say is true, and you did nothing but hold your miracle plan, those 200K are on you.

Second, when all the political nonsense is peeled back, just which single Mayor or Governor can honestly say that they did not get what they needed and more to keep the medical system from being overwhelmed?

President Trump and his administration, working with businesses, people and good American ingenuity, placed mobile field hospitals in strategic locations. Why did they go unused?

Naval hospital ships went ignored. Instead, Democrats like New York Gov. Cuomo forced residents into nursing homes. How did that go, Mr. Biden?

Charity mobile hospitals went unused. The private sector and Americans stepped up and met the Personal Protective Equipment needs.

The partnership between the White House and the private sector cranked out ventilators and not only met the ndemands, but replenished the emergency stockpiles.

Not one, but multiple variations of vaccines have been discovered and are in final trials in the fastest time in history.

Take your secret plan and shove it up Soros. Americans are weary of your 47 years of corruption, Harris’ far left liberal scamming, and the dishonest media for promoting your snake oil scams. We thrive on real evidence and the record.

While you hide and the media covers for you, we are voting in historical numbers for four more years of President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Pence.

*Adapted from messages of Ken Sorenson and retired USAF Senior Master Sergeant Marvin Hepworth Jr.

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