The Elvis, Beatles, Trump Connection and TDS

Could Trump Derangement Syndrome be the Elvis Presley Experience or Beatlemania in reverse?

Psychology Today magazine suggests so:

“Such forms of highly emotional reaction could be something akin to the fainting and screaming characterizing (the Elvis Presley phenomenons of the 1950s and 70s or) American  Beatlemania in the 1960s.”

“Unlike the Beatles, however, the extreme emotional reaction alleged to characterize TDS is not based on adoration and admiration, but on fear and loathing.”

But Psychology Today may be missing something. They did not mention the unprecedented turnouts at President Donald Trump rallies are matching and exceeding the crowd numbers Elvis, John, Paul, George and Ringo did in their heyday.

Elvis may have left the building and the Beatles have ventured down a long and winding road, but President Trump is at the top of the charts breaking all sorts of records today.


While Joe Biden’s supporters are standing in hulahoops six feet apart, Trump’s crowds are rocking and rolling across America.

From September 1 to October 17, 2020, President Trump’s appearances were attended by 359,643 people. This included crowds sizes near 35,000 each in Fayetteville, NC, Newport News, VA and Jacksonville, FL.

Hendersonville, NV had almost 25,000. On Friday, Trump had 25,000 in Ocala, FL and 20,000 more in Macon, Georgia.

Since September 1 until yesterday, Saturday, October 17, 2020, Biden had less than 650 (in that same time period as Trump).

There literally may be more Trump supporters protesting Biden events than Biden attendees at his events.

Reports from 14 states reveal people have been camping overnight, parking lots at airports filled to capacity and Secret Service preliminary estimates of crowd sizes have been exceeded beyond their expectations.

The number of Trumptillas (boat parades), Trump Trains (vehicle caravans) and Biker Runs for Trump exceed anything history has ever seen.

Speaking of Biden supporters, have you ever wondered who the now iconic poster children on memes for Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) are?

One has been identified. She is Jessica Starr. Remember her? This famous shot was taken during her delusional breakdown on Pennsylvania Avenue the moment she heard the announcement:

“Donald J. Trump is the president of the United States.”

People who were there on January 20, 2017 said she began screaming incoherently. What they could make out, and what was recorded, was a primal, innate blubbering.

It was described as being quite similar to what CNN election coverage professionals and some of the hosts on The View demonstrated 

“I’m so sorry,” she screamed. “I love people, this is not America, this is not what we want.”

“For me, this very moment, is like, within a cell, it’s like the dark and the light are so tight right now, in this moment, there’s so much potential for beauty and for devastation in this one moment, its almost incomprehensible that they can exist right now, so so close.”

“I am so sorry to my world,” she cried. “This is not what we want…This is so alien…This is so false and broken.”

We should embrace for another round of TDS. My advice is to stay away from CNN, MSNBC and other liberal news channels on election night.

TDS Poster Child

Psychology Today magazine sites writer Bernard Goldberg, who provided examples of TDS: “fainting, vomiting, students retreating to ‘safe spaces’ and others demanding ‘therapy dogs.'”

LA Times political commentator Justin Raimondo wrote “sufferers speak a distinctive language consisting of hyperbole [leading to] a constant state of hysteria… the afflicted lose touch with reality.”

In a 2017 satire piece from VEN (Very Ervatz News), they claimed a psychology professor at Stanford University who has studied TDS extensively indicates these types of cases are not so rare.

“These people live inside progressive echo chambers, never thinking for themselves.” Dr. Paul Weatherford explains. “They become leftist Normies who repeat the talking points of a tendentious liberal media until they reach a kind of Pavlovian breaking point where — consumed by uncontrollable, inchoate rage — they react viscerally to, say,  something as innocuous as someone mentioning President Trump’s name.”

“In fact, that’s what triggering means in behaviorist psychology — a conditioned response to specific stimuli.  And the irony here is that these self-proclaimed humanistic, caring, Social Justice Warriors — from the liberal arts majors to the Antifa rioters — are incredibly INTOLERANT.”  

“They demonize anyone who disagrees with them, and devalue them to the point that they believe it is OK to physically harm them.”

“In many respects what we’re looking at is something akin to an epidemic on the Left of Borderline Personality Disorder with histrionic affect which — because everything is so politically charged now — remains undiagnosed.”

“It’s really sort of Orwellian.  These people talk about the importance of critical thinking, yet by critical thinking they really mean  mindless indoctrination.”  

“In a very real sense, these people live a profoundly unexamined life, like the prisoners chained in darkness unable to turn their heads in Plato’s allegory of the cave.”

“They refuse to read Nietzsche, for example,  because he supposedly influenced the NAZIs, Hemingway because he’s an alpha-male misogynist who was a hunter and liked bull fights, or Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot because someone told them they were anti-semitic.”

“It’s really very disturbing.  Their perspectives are systematically narrowed instead of expanded by their unexamined polemic, and they judge everything as either black or white.”

“My own daughter, for example — a sociology major at Pepperdine — calls me a fascist because of my work with TDS,  and has stopped talking to me because she insists I must have voted for Trump?” (FYI, He didn’t vote for Trump in 2016).

“However,  she’s fine with my continuing to pay her tuition/room and board, which is substantial, but is now insisting — through her mother — that I also pay the tuition for an undocumented immigrant to atone for my white privilege.”

“I told her that if she wants to pay her own way at Pepperdine, I’ll be happy to contribute to a scholarship fund for minorities.  I also sent her a copy of Plato’s Republic and The Children of Sanchez by Oscar Lewis.”

“She hasn’t replied to me yet, and this time we’re very much hoping that her silence means she’s finally starting to grow up.”

“Embracing reality is the only antidote for TDS, no matter how upsetting that may be at first for the disillusioned.”

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