NFL Season Opener Ratings Nosedives Due to Boycott

Preliminary numbers of viewers for the televised football game opener are down to a 10-year low for the NFL and NBC.

Sponsors Beware

Both teams were greeted with overwhelming boos from the fans as players from the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans linked arms before kickoff.

In a decade of declining ratings, the only exception was in 2019 during the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packer opener. Thursday’s game was 16.1% below that.

Despite the score, Chiefs, 34 and Texans, 20, both teams and the NFL lost.

Sponsors are now on notice as millions of viewers, traditional supporters of football are abandoning the NFL due to the boycott in response to their racist, dividing anti-America stance.

The 16.1% dive will likely go up because Nielsen Ratings is working to adjust how they count. New ratings will not be apples-to-Apple’s comparisons to historical ratings. But it will appear to make the numbers look better. 

They are trying to estimate the number of viewers who watched it from places such as bars, restaurants, and airports.

Viewers can be counted if they take an app on their mobile devices from home and use those to watch games.

“Sports are not essential,” commented Jason Seymour, of Columbus, Ohio. “I’m not allowed to protest at my job so why are they?  Why can’t athletes just do their job?”

“I hate this so much. I’m a HUGE NFL fan,” posted Pablo Honey of Huntsville, Alabama. “But I’m a bigger fan of the USA, liberty, freedom and the 2nd amendment. I’m in on this boycott. They’ll tank like the NBA did. They’re already hemorrhaging money. So if they think they can afford to lose viewers,  I’ll oblige. Trump 2020.”

“Hypocritical at the least – Football players getting paid millions of dollars from companies to endorse their products and from team owners when those very companies pay sweatshops in foreign countries to work .20 cents an hour,” said mother Patty Carter of Albany, New York.  “Same players then tell America that we are a racist country and need to kneel for social injustices for the oppression that companies, government, society place on these people.  How about playing for free, and ask those same companies and team owners to put their money where your mouth and knees preach!  To the women who make those NIKE shoes, or other team apparel.  The epitome of hypocrisy!”

“For the first time in years we did not buy the NFL package or participated in the football pool…or are going to any games or buying any gear!” said longtime Tampa Buccaneers fan Katherine Becker. “Sick and tired of politics ruining our sports! No place for politics in sports!

“These communist Democrats have control of the Internet, our movies, our news, our video games,” said Marlon Jennings of Pennsylvania. “These punks have either been indoctrinated playing zombie games of destruction or listening to idiot anti-America university professors for a couple of generations at least. Now they’re taking over our sports. We have to stop it now.”

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  1. We boycotted this year as they played a segregated National Anthem on the opener of game 1, changed the channel before the game even started. We also decided to boycott their sponsors like Pepsi I used to drink at least a few Pepsi products daily. My wife and I used to religiously watch the NFL. Now we know what to do if theres another toilet paper shortage, use our old NFL smock shirts, jerseys etc. 2020 definitely changed everything and people will easily live without the oppressed professional athletes.

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  2. I agree. My wife and I do not watch professional sports anymore especially the NFL. They want to defund the police, defund the over paid cry babies of the NFL and give their millions to the poor. I don’t care if they ever play again.

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