Black America, it’s Time to Stop Pretending (The Timely Call of Blexit)

A noble turning point for President Donald Trump in 2018 was originally ignored and downplayed by mainstream media.

But the media’s attempt to belittle the significance backfired royally. The watershed moment was the genesis of the Brexit movement.

On Saturday, September 12, 2020 another turning point will take place at the Burnsview Baptist Church in Greer, South Carolina (near Greenville). The invitation, spreading across the country is a direct message to the nation:

Black America, it’s time we stop pretending.

We’ve been lied to. We’ve been told that systemic racism and bigotry is holding us back. We’ve been told that police brutality is killing us off one by one. The reality is, we were once a strong community built on love, endurance, and family. All of that has been replaced by government dependence and an illogical allegiance to leaders that have rotted our values.

America, it’s time we recognize our blessings.

We live in the freest, most opportunistic country in the entire world. On September 12 in Greenville, let’s celebrate traditional American values that have gotten us this far. We’re fighting for a nation that’s united by timeless ideas, Western values, and a collective commitment to empowering all American individuals across the country.

Come hear from Larry Elder, Brandon Tatum, Candace Owens, Dinesh D’Souza, Will Witt, Mark Robinson, and more.

Originated by black author and political personality Candice Owens, she began a message of a Black exodus. It marked Black America’s exit, or “Blexit,” from the “liberal plantation.”

Owens’ promoted a better choice of Black conservatism and helped expose how the Democratic Party has been creating and profiting from a “victim mentality” among African-Americans.

Joined with other prominent Black leaders, they shined the light on the shadowy left’s “plantation” agenda and how they’ve kept their supporters in line as its “slaves.”

Trump received about 10% of the Black vote in 2017. Indicators show that could double in November. If that happens, it will be monumental.

Three recent polls released late last week confirm that. Emerson poll gives Trump 19% of the Black vote.

The Democracy Institute/Sunday Express poll also says 19%.

The Zogby poll reported 20%.

Black Americans are seeing unprecedented levels of economic success with record low unemployment rates, more jobs, and higher incomes.

Over 1.4 million more Black Americans have found a job since President Trump’s election in 2016.
Black poverty reached a historic low.

President Trump designated 8,760 Opportunity Zones that is now projected to spur $100 billion in private investment in minority communities.

The Trump administration established a fund to deploy $1 billion in capital funding for minority-owned businesses through the Commerce Department

Miller watched the recent Republican National Convention each night and thinks President Trump’s historic FIRST STEP ACT has been especially popular and a reason so many Blacks are “waking up” to Trump.

Over 90 percent of those who have had their sentences reduced due to the FIRST STEP ACT are Black Americans. President Trump launched the “Ready to Work” Initiative, which has helped released prisoners gain meaningful employment.

More recently Trump has successfully proposed the Second Step Act to partner with corporate America to create opportunities for former prisoners to rejoin society.

Polling analysis suggested that the rioting in cities and Trump’s law and order stance could be driving even more Black voters into his camp and robbing Joe Biden of votes from the Democratic Party’s most loyal base.

Biden’s misspeaks are turning more of Black America against him. His sincerity towards them is in serious question. “If you don’t vote for me then you are not black” is not exactly the kind of thing you say to motivate African-Americans to vote in your favor.

Another turning moment was when President Trump invited Terrence Williams to step up to the podium next to him during a Young Black Leadership Summit at the White House in October 2019.

“The media is attacking him,” Williams a respected advocate with almost one million Twitter followed told the crowd. “But when they attack him, they are attacking us. Because he is out here fighting for us.  And they are harassing you, Mr. President, so they are harassing me.”

“And I want to say one more thing here.  A while back, President Trump said, when he was talking to the black community, ‘If you vote for me, what do you have to lose?’ Because the do-nothing Democrats have done nothing for the black community.  2020 is around the corner and we have a lot to lose now because President Donald J. Trump has done so much for the black community.”

Black Voices for Trump, a popular political organization for the Black community has been a driving force in uniting Americans across the nation. Their membership is growing rapidly with now over 136,000 Facebook followers.

Candace Owens and Brandon Tatum, co-founders of Blexit, indicate their purpose is “to educate minorities across America about the history of our great country by highlighting the principles of the Constitution of the United States and the importance of self-reliance.”

They believe “it is time to take criminal justice reform seriously to stop the over-incarceration of minorities, to build strong families in the minority communities, and to value the life and the sanctity of every individual.”

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  1. I love Candace Owens. She’s not only gorgeous and highly intelligent, but a true role model who stands her ground regardless of her opposition. I’ve never not loved watching/ admiring/ feeling inspired by her.

    I wish she had a bigger, more open-minded platform. Although, I can say recently, I’ve encountered more people who randomly speak out against BLM rants. Normal people are disgusted, and do not support their message. (I don’t know what that means for their votes, but I pray that it’s positive for America).

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