Trump’s GOP Crushes Biden’s First Night Dem Convention Ratings

Update (August 26, 2020 7 p.m. CST): Day 2 results for C-Span is even better than the first day of the convention for President Trump. The GOP’s second day was 861,000 compared to the Democrats 48,000.

Being here in my beloved hometown of Boerne, Texas is encouraging. It’s a good community made up of mostly God loving and patriotic Texans. On our recent month long road trip through 14 states Dodie and I counted 159 Trump signs along the way (including in Washington D.C.). There were zero Biden signs. It was good to return home and see American and Texas flags waving, along with Trump 2020 signs proudly posted, greeting us.

Trump’s approval rating surged to 51% during the Democratic National Convention according to Rasmussen. At this same time in his presidency, Barack Obama was at 48%.

In 2016, Trump’s acceptance speech reached 34.9 million viewers, compared to 33.8 million for Hillary Clinton. Joe Biden only had 24.6 million last week.

As much as mainstream media tries to spin and cherry pick the Biden-Harris ratings, the bottom line is the Democratic National Convention was a ratings flop.

The DNC’s viewership dropped 28% from their 2016 television ratings on the first night. Broadcast channels ABC, CBS, and NBC were down a staggering 42% with just 6.7 million viewers at 10 p.m.

Sadly, there entire week average wasn’t much better than even the Democrats best night of their primary debates.  None of the DNC’s came anywhere close the best-rated 2016 Republican debates.

Even CBS’ Big Brother series, with 3.9 million slammed their DNC viewership at 1.5 million last Thursday.

C-SPAN’s first day coverage live feed of the conventions on YouTube were DNC at 76,000 views and RNC with 425,000 views.

Facebook live coverage was 42,000 DNC and RNC 210,000.

Update (3 p.m., CST): The Nielson TV ratings aren’t out yet, but for Fox News, it was the largest audience for any convention coverage ever. There is likely to be some lower differences between 2020 and 2016 because in general, viewership under age 55 has switched over to streaming services on the internet.

This is why it’s important to look at C-Span, Facebook, and other streaming numbers, as I did in this article.

Already, liberal media is trying to spin it against Trump, but they are only comparing viewership of either top 3 broadcast (CBS, NBC, ABC) and/or select cable (CNN, MSNBC…). The ratings for all of those are predictable because those viewerships are declining anyway as more people wise up to their bias and propaganda.

The best indicator of all is live streaming numbers. All show GOP having 4x to 9x more ratings than Dems.

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