Look What Happened to Those Who Proudly Posted Their Covid Jabs on Social Media

So sad. These well intended people proclaimed their pride for getting the bioweapon Covid-19 jab on social media. Way too many died or became very ill.

#Died Suddenly




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  1. This is really heartbreaking and surreal to have to bear witness too. We have many people in our own circle who have either died or are now suffering from sudden health conditions that seem out of the ordinary, an anomaly. They are pretty much in denial, convinced the vaxx was perfectly safe so there can’t be any possible connection. I keep looking around, if only we had some experts, some medical people willing to get to the bottom of this, but of course many of them are also emotionally invested in continuing to believe the vaxx was safe and the authorities are trustworthy.

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  2. Brian Jeffery Bowers –

    Your virtue signaling was obnoxiously in-your-face. I noticed that you are now dead. Who is the “stupid f*cking f*ck” now?

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  3. my lovely sister Tina got extorted by her son, she was against the jab but her worthless son told her she can’t see the baby unless she gets the jab, so she got the jab, what a fool, i told her if anything happens to her i will take care of her son, i pray for her daily

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  4. Dr. Artaud, my Screen Name, was a Character in a 2001 Movie. I’m not a Doctor, but had more than my share of Medical Issues (Visual Migraines, Seizures, Amaurosis Fugax [have been completely blind in one eye for short periods of time], Episodes of Left Unilateral Numbness from below my Left Arm to my foot, Episodes of Double Vision, Cancer of the Thyroid [Complete Thyroidectomy], Knee Surgeries, and more. So, one researches medical issues when one has so many of them. I have attended school for Opticianry and worked in the field, I have attended school for Pharmacy Technician but didn’t work in the field – I accepted work as an Industrial Electrician that paid much more than Pharmacy Technician. My wife was a career Medical Assistant, and I heard and learned much from her.

    Not everyone that died unexpectedly died from the vaccine. So be circumspect when reading of yet another death. People Died Suddenly years ago as well. Yet, looking for evidence of Sudden Deaths in otherwise healthy people from 2000, or 2010, for example, I cannot find articles discussing the deaths that I can for the covid vaccine years.

    I personally knew or know of:

    1. A person that developed a bad cough after the first vaccine. After the 2nd, developed a bad back ache and partial paralysis of the arm, spent 3 weeks in the hospital, developed Ascites, Afib, and was told that they may have Lupus, Lyme, or West Nile Disease, then told they have an incurable form of leukemia, and after undergoing Chemo Therapy, stopped the procedure and allowed nature to take its course, and they died about a year after the 2nd shot. This person, a very credible and intelligent person, and an Investigator by occupation, fully believed that the vaccine killed them. This person said that Doctors agreed that the problem was caused by the vaccine but wouldn’t commit it to paper.

    2. A woman that came home from getting the shot and dropped dead.

    3. The person that cuts our grass, they have 2 Teenage Female Cousins in different families that developed seizures after getting the shot.

    4. We live near a funeral homes (plural), so crowding has my wife checking to see who is there. Many were police or firemen that “Died Suddenly” and assuredly had received the vaccine.

    5. My vaccinated son developed covid.

    My question is on Vaccine Shedding. It was all the rage in discussions for those that opposed the vaccine (I am not vaccinated), but is it the threat that was once believed, or has that concern diminished. It might be a topic for a Blog on Clever Journeys. If it remains a concern, what level of exposure is requires for a person to be exposed to the vaccine products of another?

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  5. Really good questions Dr. Artaud. I believe the answers are multi-faceted, including the behavior of many strains of Coronavirus. Researchers and Scientists report each variant of Covid-19 was more contagious than the last, but they were also less virulent. Meaning it was easier to be infected by the variant, but less likely to cause severe illness.
    Because the shot manufacturers refused to disclose the contents of their injections, thereby giving zero Informed Consent, it’s believed there were many varieties of formulations given with any number of toxins in each. If they had given the same deadly formula that killed each recipient immediately, people would’ve caught on right away and started refusing further doses. So those who didn’t die after getting their first shot suddenly developed strange infections, all kinds of cancers, cardiovascular issues like myocarditis, pericarditis, massive blood clots alternating with severe bleeding episodes, strokes, heart attack, multiple organ failure, autoimmune conditions, neurological disorders and so much more. Much of this occurred in healthy people who had no comorbidities prior to injection.
    I promise to address the vaccine shedding issue tomorrow. Hafta go to bed now before I pass out. Thanks for understanding and goodnight for now.

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    • My heart is broken. Dr. Buttar was the bravest, most outspoken warrior for the truth in this entire Plandemic debacle. He was massively poisoned last year – I believe by Fauci and his demonic allies – and came very close to dying at that time. As Dr. B says in some of the videos in Tim Shey’s post ‘They don’t want the truth to come out, so they’re coming for me. If anything happens to me and I die, I’m not suicidal, I’m not depressed, and I did not kill myself.’
      Sadly, no one can be poisoned by 200 times the normal dose of Covid ‘vaccine’ and not eventually succumb to the overwhelming effects. That’s why these jabs are called Bioweapons ~ because they kill people. Some immediately and some days, weeks, months or even years later. Every player involved in this mass genocide-for-profit needs to be brought to justice and made to pay for their crimes. Fauci, Bill Gates, Walensky – former CDC Director, big Pharma, mainstream Media for their part in suppressing the truth, slandering truth-tellers and promoting the lies; the FDA, CIA, the entire Obiden administration, George Soros and family, the Chinese and their Wuhan lab, and so many more.
      Please be aware that these injections are designed to hurt/kill us, NOT help us. Depopulation is the End Game and these clot shots are the vehicle they’re utilizing to reach that goal.
      As Dr. Rashid Buttar so profoundly stated: ‘Exercise your freedom of choice’. Meaning just say no. Even if you were deceived or coerced into taking one or more of the poisonous jabs, don’t take any more. . . your life depends on it. 💗

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  6. Dr. Artaud ~ I forgot to say how sorry I am to hear about the numerous health conditions you’ve had to deal with. I admire how you’ve chosen to address them instead of allowing them to cripple you in your efforts to live a full life. I also respect you for not falling for the lies surrounding the safety and efficacy of the Covid death shots. Kudos.
    The mRNA injections were specifically designed to attack and disable our own innate, God-given Immune Systems, turning the recipient’s body into a virtual spike protein manufacturing plant. These spike proteins replicate and live in most of our body’s major organs ~ liver, kidneys, heart, brain, and reproductive organs ~ testes and ovaries. When they talk about ‘vaccine shedding’, they’re referring to these spike proteins. Unvaccinated individuals in close contact with the vaxxed often come down with the same adverse symptoms as the people who received the jab, due to the spike protein shedding. It’s a very real phenomenon and is still a concerning health issue, especially for the unvaxxed. Dr. Rashid Buttar speaks very eloquently on the topic of shedding in one of the videos in Tim Shey’s comment above.
    All is not doom and gloom, however, even if one has received one or more of the shots. There’s an amazing group of physicians and scientists called the Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance who have provided protocols for Prevention & Treatment of Covid infection as well as treating the ‘vaccinated’. This can be accessed via their website @ FLCCC.net
    They provide a wealth of helpful info that I’m positive has helped many people that have been exposed to Covid-19. In addition, there’s an online Medical Consultation Service founded by Dr. Ben Marble, MD, who is a Nobel Peace Prize nominee & Family Medicine Specialist. He has treated over 150,000 Covid patients with a 99.99% survival rate(!) He can be reached @ myfreedoctor.com and yes, his services have been totally free. I hope this info helps and if so, please feel free to pass it on to those that can benefit from it as well.

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    • My medical history caused me to decide against the vaccine. My Cardiologist wanted to know why I wasn’t vaccinated. I told him my medical history. He told me I should have the vaccine because of it. I told him I disagree. He accused me of being a Fox News viewer (this was last year). I told him no, I was not. Essentially my visit that I paid the copay and my insurance paid the rest was not a Cardiology Visit but a vaccine advocacy visit.

      In my first Comment, I forgot to mention a lifelong benign arrhythmia and now afib. The vaccine has caused Inflammatory issues (I had Urticaria for years), Heart Rhythm Issues, Blindness, Seizures, and more, and he thinks I should be vaccinated. A politically conservative Specialist I see asked me why I was not vaccinated. I told him my medical history. He leaned forward and whispered “Don’t get vaccinated”, but it’s odd he had to whisper it, my cardiologist pushed it with reckless abandon.

      I’ll watch the “Dr. Rashid Buttar speaks very eloquently on the topic of shedding in one of the videos in Tim Shey’s comment above” that you mentioned.

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  7. For those who have to work with vaxxed people (vaxx shedding), read Mark 16:18: “They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.”

    I believe that Christians will have a great protection from vaxx shedding or bioweapon shedding. I believe the Blood of Jesus and the Presence of God will protect us.

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  8. Dr. A ~ I’m so ashamed of Healthcare Professionals as a whole. Many providers are naive, continuing to believe the CDC, FDA, NIH and others would never approve of or recommend anything that could harm us. Shame on them for not bothering to do the research or even listening to the Frontline doctors who have put their professions and their lives on the line for successfully treating Covid patients and speaking out against these life-threatening injections. Others are motivated by pure greed as they are handsomely compensated by big pharma for pushing the dangerous jabs on their patients. One of my best friends and the finest Nurse I’ve ever known, trusted her doctor’s advice to get the experimental shots. Just a few months afterward, she dropped dead from sudden, rapid cardiac failure after having no cardiovascular issues whatsoever. The CDC has coined the phrase Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, S.A.D.S. so they can place all the sudden deaths from the jabs in this category. This was not a condition until the introduction of Covid-19 so-called vaccines. Starting with Fauci, every one of these ‘Healthcare providers’ promoting these shots should lose their medical licenses and serve time in prison for crimes against humanity. Too many good people have died needlessly and only because trusted professionals are putting profit over people. 💔

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