Why are Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, RFK, Jr. & You Being Persecuted by Democrat Party?

Why is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. censored by media?

Why are Americans being arrested for voicing their opinions against the Biden White House?

Why does the Democratic Party support drag queen shows for children including, sexualization and grooming?

Do the Dems include transgender insanity (pro-hormone therapy, genital mutilation) so schools can transition children without parents’ consent?

Why are parents deemed ‘domestic terrorists’ if they disagree with critical race theory and transgenderism taught in schools?

Why do Democrats support abortion up to the moment of birth?

See Tucker Carlson (if video hasn’t been censored.

Why are they supporting open borders chaos?

Why do RINOS and Democrats endorse unconstitutional proxy wars?

Why is there no accountability for Big Pharma, EPA and Covid fraud?

Why do leftists support rampant inflation, bank failures and the end of cash?

Popular meme

Why does any politican remain silent about George and Alexander Soros-funded District Attorneys fueling violent crime waves?

Why does the Leftist party use political prosecutions of those on their ‘enemies list’?

Why is Big Tech censorship for political dissidents allowed?

Why do Democrats attack election integrity laws, like voter IDs and allow election interference?


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  1. One answer for all of your questions: “Because they can.” That is to say, Democrats stretch the law and do as much as allowed until they get push back. Republicans, sadly, continually just color within the lines.

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  2. I have a book some place that goes through the Communist playbook

    I recall written in the fifties or sixties?

    All of these attributes you see above can be viewed in the context of this playbook

    I bet it can be looked up I don’t have time to do it right now

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  3. Reminds me of the movie, Planet of The Apes. Chuck Heston is in a cell behind bars and the Apes are jumping around and poking him with sticks, and he yells, ” It’s a madhouse, a madhouse.” That’s what we are in today.

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  4. Well, that’s just it. These are questions designed to make people think and put it together, haul them out of MSM fog. So, I thought I’d state the obvious, which is not obvious to so many because they can’t think straight. When enough people get this, we’ll see a turnaround.

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