How George Soros Owned Politicians and District Attorneys Affect Murder Rates Across America

Trump’s Plan to Counteract George Soros’ DA Scheme Announced

Violence and murder has become an everyday reality for Americans. Including all violence, the average crime rate is 2,475 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Billionaire George Soros, the man who brought the Bank of England to its knees in 1992 when he famously shorted the British pound – and made $1 billion in the process – knows how to identify and exploit his prey’s point of greatest vulnerability.

He has used his money and influence to “play God” (his words) to break down and control governments globally. The destruction of the United States of America is his ultimate goal before he dies. He turns 93 in August 2023.

Targeting mayors, senators and congressional members is critical to Soros’ plans to destroy America, but to expedite his goals, his prey is America’s criminal-justice system.

“What George Soros has done to our justice system is an absolute disgrace,” President Donald J. Trump today. “You’ve already seen what Soros’ District Attorneys have done to me…”

…But they’re also destroying America’s cities, shredding the Constitution, and letting violent criminals roam free.

“What they’ve done to me is only a preview of what they could one day do to YOU.”

“As your next president, it will be my PERSONAL MISSION to restore the scales of justice in America.”

I will appoint U.S. Attorneys who will be the polar opposite of Soros’s Attorneys,” Trump proclaimed. “They will be the 100 most ferocious legal warriors against crime and communist corruption in the country.

The legislative process is messy, expensive, and uncertain.  Soros uses his overwhelming financial resources more effectively to elect hand-picked attorneys general and district attorneys who share his extreme views. Once in office, these officials apply the power of dishonest selective enforcement to the law, deciding who gets charged and what constitutes criminal behavior. 

It is bad enough knowing that the current partisan breakdown of the mayors of the 100 largest U.S. cities is 62 Democrats, 26 Republicans, three independents, and seven nonpartisans.

Two mayors’ partisan affiliations are unknown.

Based on 2020 population estimates of the top 100 cities, 76.1% live under Democratic mayors, and 16.2% live under Republican mayors.

Most recently, Soros money was behind the attempts to cause 45th President Donald J. Trump much grief, including his dishonest arrest by his bought Manhattan D.A. Braggs.

This critical insight has made Soros a powerful force in cities across the nation. 

“George Soros is a major cause for the systematic decline of American law enforcement,” explained former New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. “The mindset of his DAs — that criminals are victims — has done immeasurable harm, especially to poor minorities in our inner cities.”

“Meanwhile, the complex network of nonprofits Soros uses to disperse his funds makes it nearly impossible to track what he’s doing to undermine our justice system.”

“It’s ironic that his foundation is called The Open Society Institute, yet his anti-law-enforcement programs are deliberately designed to avoid public scrutiny.”

Soros Successes With Destroying America

Big Media and direct organization of BLM and other militant activities, bought and paid for by Soros and his cohorts, has caused political response to the unrest which lead to de-policing and the resulting record violence.

Here are just some of the earliest results of having Soros funded DAs in office:

•Louisville, where massive unrest included the shooting of two police officers during a protest, homicides jumped 87% as the police made 35% fewer vehicle stops since June while arrests plummeted 42% during summer months compared with 2019.

•Already bloody St. Louis hit a 50-year homicide high, a rate of 87 per 100,000 residents — a rate three times higher than Mexico and Central America. 

•After Milwaukee announced their slashing of 120 officers from its police force, the city saw a 98% increase in killings.

•In 2015, when Chicago reduced its police’s ability to make stops and searches, Windy City killings jumped 58% as street stops fell 82% in 2016, according to University of Utah research.

•Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby’s 2015 weak case against the cops in the Freddie Gray incident (all charges were later dropped or ended in acquittal), and her hostility toward the cases police sent to her office, demoralized officers and deterred proactive policing.

Over the next 12 months, arrests fell 28% as shootings jumped and murder rose 55% to make Baltimore America’s murder capital that year. That violence has not abated as overall arrests continue to plummet each year as police further disengage.

•Philadelphia hit a 30-year high with 500 homicide victims and reached 516 in 2022. “Progressive” District Attorney Larry Krasner dropped over 50% of both drug and illegal gun cases, as police reduced their vehicle and pedestrian stops by 72%.

In 2020, overall arrests fell by a third, including a 20% drop for violent crimes. Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw grudgingly admitted that public officials’ attacks demoralized police, encouraging de-policing.

Since 2020 (the year of massive rioting and civil unrest led by far-left operatives), the United States has tallied more than 20,000 murders per year —  the largest single annual increases since the agency began publishing uniform data in 1960.

Soros’ aim is to blame policing on high crime, while in actuality,

●the lack of policing and enforcing laws

●social engineering


●open borders (drug and human smuggling, illegal immigration, etc.)

are the reasons.

In the wake of this planned unrest, public officials’ decisions and growing hostility toward policing has left law enforcement demoralized, debilitated and, in some cases, defunded. Even the most dedicated officers who now face a greater risk of being sued, fired or prosecuted for doing their job feel pressure to pull back or leave.

The message from this wave of Soros’ progressive prosecutors is clear: making arrests for drug and weapons crimes that will go unprosecuted exposes officers to the risk of disciplinary lawsuits and criminal prosecution. To mitigate that risk, police take a more passive approach.

Who can forget when Soros-owned Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler “defunded” the Portland Police Bureau by $12 million and eliminated three police units. As chaos engulfed the city, shootings went up 173% and murders jumped an astounding 255%.


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