Distinguished MIT Professor Says the Seas are NOT Rising

“There is no man made climate change,” says a former professor of meteorology at MIT. “When a government funded scientist says ‘the science is settled,’ we know the person has stepped out of the circle of true science.”

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“The temperature is always going up and down.”

“I have no concern about that. But asking people to worry about whether it’s going up or down, you’re immediately establishing dishonesty.”

“The earth is always changing. Climate change is nothing you have to prove. It always is happening. It always has happened. So making that as something alarming, seems to me, a little bit weird.”

“The general feeling is that there is no evidence that it is different now than it has been the last few thousand years.”

“When you hear a Ban-Ki Moon (Secretary General, United Nations) say if we don’t do something, what is he referring to?”

“I don’t know. I mean man is adaptable. Although many catastrophes occur, they have many causes, of which global warming is one of the least.”

“And the trouble is all of us scientists are government employees, even if we are working for private universities. All research is supported by the government. So as such, we are sensitive to what politicians say and believe. That’s a shortcoming.”

“You have to figure out a way to fund science without artificially promoting things.”



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  1. here is an interesting observation, on one of the sites i use, quora i see all sorts of stuff about climate change, most against it and one of them showed a picture of Liberty Island, Statue of Liberty, the picture was taken in around 1910 and another one was taken 2020 at the same place on a boat, oh wow the level of water was the same. in my opinion we are not helping the atmosphere.

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